Friday, November 4, 2016

PicoDiagnostics Automotive Battery Tester

PicoScope has long been selected as the number one choice for oscilloscope diagnostics. This outstanding diagnostic oscilloscope is also a first-rate battery tester, at no additional cost.  

Pico Technology staff know that charging and starting systems are the very heart of modern vehicles. They understand how important they are in making sure that all components function at their very best. With this in mind, they developed a vehicle health check, that makes an excellent primary test for every vehicle that enters the workshop. By doing this test you can certify that the vehicles function perfectly, giving your customers peace of mind and generating valuable business. For every Battery Test done you create a report that can be fully customized with your workshop details. You can print this and give it to your customer, both before and after work is undertaken.

Running the Battery Test

Connect Channel A on the PicoScope to the positive terminal on the battery and a ground point on the vehicle. Connect our 2000 A current clamp + BNC adapter to Channel B and position it around the starter motor’s feed cable. Follow the setup wizard in our PicoDiagnostics software to run the test. The test result is displayed in a simple traffic light system, and covers all the starting and charging components. This result can be printed report can be customized with your workshop details and logo, as well as your customer’s information.

Here's a video showing how to do it!

PicoDiagnostics Battery Tester

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