Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Focus on PicoScope 4824 8-channel oscilloscope

The PicoScope 4824 is a remarkably compact 8-channel USB-powered oscilloscope. Its 12-bit vertical resolution and 1% accuracy make it ideal for all engineering and scientific applications. The scope also has a built-in 14-bit arbitrary waveform generator, eliminating the need for a separate signal generator on your workbench. The PicoScope 6 software, included, can decode 16 industry-standard serial protocols in any combination. With the PicoScope 4824 you could, for example, monitor the analog and digital ports of an I^2C ADC and an I^2S stereo DAC simultaneously. The PicoScope 4824 also benefits from advanced features such as a spectrum analyzer, mask limit testing, persistence display modes and a free software development kit (SDK) for creating your own applications.

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