Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Creating Your Own Luck

Here's an interesting article on how entrepreneurs 'create luck'.  Apparently, it all depends on the right  networks, the right connections, and the right relationships.

The truth is life is not fair. For creative work to spread, you need more than talent. You have to get exposure to the right networks. And as unfair as that may seem, it’s the way the world has always worked.  The good news, though, is you have more control over this than you realize!


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Google thoughts

What are folks searching for when coming to our website?  Rigol oscilloscopes seems to be the most popular item, but Teledyne LeCroy is also up there! There are quite a lot of people looking for an SD to USB adapter too, or SDIO interface.  We have the only one-chip solution in the VUB300.  GW Instek is also a frequent search, as are the Pico automotve scopes.  "Online" is a word that's often used - isn't that obvious??  Many searches include our supplier manufacturer names like Berkeley Nucleonic Corporation or Plessey.  They are ready to see on our pulldown menus! Frequency repsonse anlyzer searches will take visitors straight to our FRA Cleverscope page.

SEO is a world unto itself and optimizing our website to produce great search results that don't make folks "bounce" is a constant challenge!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Ten Torque Tips!

Do you need to know the amount of power in a drive system? Take non-contact measurements from the turning shaft! Here's how: