Thursday, September 9, 2010

Saelig Launches New Intelligent 3.2” LCD Display Modules

Saelig Company, Inc. (Saelig) ( announces the availability of uLCD-32PT, a 3.2" QVGA TFT with 65K LCD TFT display with integrated touch screen and smart graphics processor. With a serial interface, users can now easily add graphics displays to microprocessor-based products. uLCD-32PT offers easy access to flexible embedded graphics, text, image, animation and countless more features, all built in to uLCD-32PT. All screen related functions are sent using a simple protocol via a serial interface.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Customized Live Meter Displays

We just introduced a neat customizable device that can create a wide range of display instruments and meter types to suit your own needs. This high contrast, 2.4” TFT color display with built-in touch screen, dual analog inputs, alarm outputs and SPI and I²C bus capabilities, ready-made for a meter tha fits your application.

SGD 24-M is configured using PanelPilot, a unique Windows-based software platform that allows users to design and customize a range of color displays with the click of a mouse to suit individual applications and measurements. Currently, six analog, digital and bar graph styles are available to be downloaded via USB to the display. Colors, text labels or scaling options can all be chosen as needed. Once all selections have been made using this simple click-through application, the custom configuration can be saved and downloaded to the display. See more at