Friday, October 30, 2015

Torque Talk

Want to know about torque measurement? Watch our helpful series of videos made by our Tech Support Manager al MacRobbie.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

New RF Signal Generator Extends the RIGOL RF Test Portfolio

New RF Signal Generator Extends the RIGOL RF Test Portfolio

RIGOL Technologies, Inc., a market leader and a technology innovator in Electronic Measurement worldwide, has expanded its portfolio of RF Test solutions with the introduction of the DSG800 Series RF Signal Generator.

DSG800 Series RF Signal Generator
 RF Performance
The DSG800 series covers output frequencies from 9 kHz to 3.0GHz. The instruments provide maximum output power up to +20 dBm and low SSB phase noise of -105 dBc/Hz, amplitude accuracy of +/- 0.5 dB, and frequency resolution 0.01 Hz at any frequency. An oven-controlled crystal oscillator time-base provides < 5 ppb temperature stability and < 30 ppb/year aging stability, the most accurate and stable available in this class. “Engineers implementing WiFi, Bluetooth, and other RF interfaces into their embedded systems are always looking for more powerful and more affordable test solutions” said Michael Rizzo, General Manager of RIGOL Technologies, USA. “The DSG800 delivers a highly capable RF Generator with a bench saving compact form factor. With prices starting at just $1,999 the DSG redefines customer value in this product category”

RF Modulation
The DSG800 RF signal generators provide conventional sweep functions (step, list, logarithmic, and linear) as well as analog modulation functions including amplitude modulation (AM), frequency modulation (FM), phase modulation (ØM), and pulse modulation. In addition the DSG800 offers an optional pulse train generation capability for those customers needing to translate serial data onto an RF Link.

Custom Switches

Sometimes we get a request for something different in the switch world for our supplier Lorlin Electronics to manufacture.  Maybe it's an extra-long shaft, or make-before-break on some wafers, and keyed power locks for all-weather vehicles like snow blowers.  Maybe you have a special switch you would like quoted?  Lorlin Rotary Switches are individually made and custom manufactured to your exact specifications, or you may choose from a wide offering of standard switches available.

Lorlin Rotary Switches provide thousands of variations of shorting and non-shorting options, including mixed shorting and non-shorting circuit combinations within the same pole. Designs can also include keyed and non-keyed AC power switches.

here's a list of some of the many options available:

Call us today for help with your selection options!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Great review of Picoscope 2204A 10MHz PC oscilloscope

Circuit Cellar author Colin O'Flynn did a nice review of the economical Picoscope 2204A 10MHz PC oscilloscope:

"Probably one of the best aspects of the PicoTech stuff is the software. Since they use the same software across their entire product line (e.g. their $7000 scopes use the same software as their $160 one), you’ll find way more features and more updates than companies that have segmented their software releases.
This $160 scope can use the digital decoding of serial protocols for example, which like any other scope includes CAN, LIN, I²C, UART/RS-232, SPI, I²S, and FlexRay. Again when comparing scopes be sure to check what you are getting, since a lot of off-brand scopes might just have UART or similar!"

Buy it here for only $149 w. probes:

Friday, October 23, 2015

Affordable EMI-EMI Testing

We have LOTS of affordable EMI/EMC investigative tools, from RF Spectrum Analyzers, RF Signal Generators, EMI enclosures (tents & boxes), sniffer antennas, LISNs for conductive EMI testing, RF amplifiers, etc.  It pays to do pre-testing before you get to the EMI test facility!   

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Owon's AG-4151 150 MHz Signal generator is One Powerful 150MHz Signal Source! (A BIG T&M supplier rebadges some Owon sig-gens as their own ...)

  • Advanced DDS technology, max 150MHz frequency output
  • Up to 400MS/s sample rate, and 1μHz frequency resolution
  • Vertical Resolution: 14 bits, up to 1M arb waveform length
  • Comprehensive waveform output : 5 basic waveforms, and 45 built-in arbitrary waveforms
  • Comprehensive modulation functions: AM, FM, PM, FSK, PWM, Sweep, and Burst
  • Supported SCPI
  • 4 inch high resolution (480 × 320 pixels) TFT LCD display 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

As used by top show/performance wireless techs

Wireless technicians setting up radio mikes for famous performers (that we can't name but you would know immediately) choose this top-quality handheld tool to find clear channels or identify interference sources to enable fault-free sound performances in large or small venues.

Aim-TTi PSA3605USC 3.6GHz Spectrum Analyzer

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Siglent Responds Quickly!

The engineers at the Siglent factory in Shenzhen respond rapidly to technical inquiries!

1) A large military contractor purchased a Siglent SHS800 scope. The top engineer/consultant loved the unit except for the slow Continuity Test function.  

RESPONSE >  Siglent had a fix that required both some new hardware and new firmware. They had this ready in 3 days (counting the weekend). They sent Siglent USA the new FW and the schematic on the HW modification.  The customer is pleased with the rapid response to the issue. It will need an upgrade at Siglent USA. If they are then satisfied he will purchase the SHS800 scopes for all of their field service people.

2)   Another very large customer posted a requirement on a website to make some pretty complicated sweeping waveforms that had a certain phase offset. The new new SDG2000X function generators will do about 90% of what he needed but some engineering help was needed for the remaining 10%.

RESPONSE> Once again, Siglent engineering people had a modification to add the remaining 10% of what he needed to do. This took them less than 1 week to develop. The customer will soon have the new FW. The customer is thrilled and he is talking about multiple units. His words, “We are going to standardize on the Siglent SDG2000X generators for our ARB generator requirements.”

So once again, Siglent is working hard to be the best!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Seen on a blog site

 13 Oct

… IT! THANK YOU!!!!!!!! Your reviews are highly useful and after seeing your Rigol upgrade posts I purchased a DS1052E from Saelig to support your advertisers.

Thank you!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Calling All RF Engineers!

The amazing yet economical SynthHD: 54MHz – 13.6GHz Dual Channel RF Signal Generator with Software GUI.  

You can step the output frequency by 0.1Hz steps!  
And the output level from -50dBm to +20dBm in 0.01dB steps! 
Shift phase in 0.01 degree steps!

You can set each channel independently.

Modulation?  How about Pulse, AM, and FM including FMCW radar chirp!

Complete Labview GUI source too!