Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Feb2014 Newsletter: Tiny Scopes and HUGE Data Streams - Plus Transceivers, Spectrometers, SMD Antennas & more!

With the New Year well under way, I hope you haven't found January's weather extremes to be as challenging as we have.  This morning's thermometer read 0°F.  Fortunately, once inside, it's business as usual which means we have some exciting new products to tell you about that might improve your new design or testing capabilities.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fedex Small Business Competition - please vote for us!

Share your small-business success story.

"Congratulations! Saelig's entry in the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest has been accepted. Now it’s time to spread the word about your business and start bringing in votes. The number of votes you receive is one factor we’ll consider when selecting the top 100 finalists and the winners. More votes can help your business become a grant finalist.
Promote voting. Post the voting link below on messages you send to customers, friends and associates — encourage them to vote for you between January 16, 2014, and February 23, 2014.* Plus, download the banner to your website to highlight voting there, too. Good luck.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

10 words your graphic designer wishes you knew:

A quick graphic design glossary

Working with a graphic designer is the best way to make sure your website or printed materials look professional. But sometimes it seems like your designer speaks a completely different language. Bridge that communication gap with this quick glossary.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Ethernet/USB High Voltage control

The ULN2065B Switch Board is a 2.6” x 2.8” x 1” accessory board for the Elexol I/O 24 Ethernet/USB range that allows single port control of high voltages and currents via Darlington switches. The Elexol I/O 24 Range consists of Ethernet input/output boards Ether I/O 24 R, Ether I/O 24 DIP R and USB input/output boards USB I/O 24 R and the USB I/O 24 DIP R. The ULN2065B Switch Board consists of two ULN2065B Quad Darlington 80V 1.5A switches with built-in LED indicators to show which of eight channels are currently active.  A screw terminal block allows for easy connection to relay outputs and opto-isolated input channels.
The ULN2056B devices each contain four NPN Darlington switches delivering up to 1.5 A with a specified minimum breakdown of 50 V and a sustaining voltage of 35 V measured at 100 mA. The channel output connections are by screw terminals that will accept cables 0.5 – 2mm. The connection between the I/O24 module and the Combo board is via a 10-way box header and the 30 cm IDC connection cable provided. The board has been designed to a 72mm standard width so that it can easily be mounted in DIN rail mounting modules.   
Applications include: power switching, on/off equipment control, home automation, relay/motor control, solenoids and solenoid valve control, lamps, etc.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Everyone needs an editor!

I like what Dani Johnson says today in her blog (

"Editors correct mistakes. They point out errors and help you to adjust, adapt or change. And why? To help you get better.

How do you respond to correction? What do you say to your "editors" at work? (This may be your boss or your manager, or even your coworkers, who correct you in order to help you and the whole team grow.) Do you get defensive? When your faults are called out, do you rebel against the one who pointed them out? Do you refuse to hear what they have to say? This is total rebellion, insubordination and dishonor. Rebellious and insubordinate people try to hide their faults, and they are not teachable.

So do not respond to correction with dishonor. Respond with honor and gratitude, because you NEED correction in order to grow, learn and mature. You need correction in order to get promotions, raises, and bonuses.  Welcome correction! It is the only way you will get where you want to go!

In order to receive correction, you must be teachable.Teachability is the key to long-lasting success, no matter what you do. When - not if - we make mistakes, whether or not we are teachable will determine if we learn from those mistakes or if we continue making the same mistakes again and again. Teachability requires you to put your ego aside and be willing to learn from the "editors" in your life.

EVERYONE needs an editor! We all make mistakes. Editors help us to correct those mistakes and to learn from them. Then, and only then, we can mature and grow to the next level, whether that is in your job, your business, your home or your community."