Monday, October 29, 2007

Awards - Rewards

Our local newspaper just announced that we are No. 93 on their Top100 private companies in Rochester NY.
Cause to celebrate here - not just that we are growing, but as a recognition of hard work put in during the year by our staff. I view business a bit like a carousel. You have to keep putting things on the carousel, so that when it comes round again you get get things back. We have to keep creating press releases and advertising in order to get "eyeballs" and hence sales, maybe three months later. It's all in the numbers. A certain percentage of people who see our products will need them. Therefore, the more people who are aware of our goods, the larger our sales. Getting an award like the Top100 increases local awareness - but even better are awards in our target audience, like Product of the Week in a technical magazine, read by engineers.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Happy, Prosperous & Blessed!

Alan Lowne, CEO of Saelig Co. Inc. ( here. Naming a company is a huge headache. Find something original, that is available, that isn't a bunch of initials, and that will last. "Saelig" is an olde English word that means "happy, proserous and blessed". That's what I want to be, and what I want my customers and employees to be - so that's what I named my company.

I'll try in this blog to share some day-to-day issues we encounter at Saelig, here in Pittsford, NY. Today, for instance, we have the UPS software guy, valiantly trying to make their WorldShip software, which we use for international shipping, talk to our QuickBooks Enterprise accounting software. Progress but not fixed yet....

The CEO from one of our oscilloscope vendors was here this morning to update us on his product line. We managed to teach him a couple of tricks about QuickBooks, and also sell him a USB-connected barcode reader to make his life easier!

That's it for today. Back to work! (Back to