Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Bargain scopes price reduction ...

100MHz SDS1102CML+ was $359 - NEW price is $319 50MHz SDS1052DL+ was $279 - NEW price is $259. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Award-winning Pico Automotive Test Kits

Pico Automotive Test Kits are comprehensive kits for testing all aspects of car performance – is now available in four versions to suit most users. Pico Automotive Test Kit  can be used to measure and test virtually all of the electrical and electronic components and circuits in modern vehicles including: Ignition (primary & secondary); injectors & fuel pumps; starter & charging circuits; ABS sensors; crank & cam sensors; lambda, airflow, knock & MAP sensors, glow plugs; timer relays; relative compression tests.

Whether you are an enthusiast, weekend mechanic, automotive technician or vehicle manufacturer our vehicle diagnostics equipment will help you to save time and money. Our award-winning automotive oscilloscopes work with any bike, car or truck and make it easier — and faster — for you to find faults. With the increasing number of sensors, actuators and electronic circuits found on today’s vehicles an automotive oscilloscope (also known as a ‘lab scope’) is the one tool that will make it faster and easier for you to diagnose vehicle faults - using an affordable and easy-to-use range of automotive oscilloscopes. 

Designed purely for use in automotive applications, Pico automotive oscilloscopes combine the performance and features you would expect from the market leader in PC oscilloscope technology, at a price you can afford. The latest — and most popular — automotive oscilloscopes are the PicoScope 4000 Series. Available in both 2 and 4-channel versions, the PicoScope 4000 Series are compatible with CAN bus, LIN bus and the new FlexRay standards. automotive softwareYou can purchase a PicoScope automotive oscilloscope on its own, or as part of an Automotive Diagnostics Kit. These simple to use kits contain everything you need to turn your PC into a powerful automotive diagnostic tool. PicoScope Automotive Software is a powerful PC-based easy-to-use software package to control your PicoScope lab scope. Once you have a PicoScope lab scope you can also make use of PicoDiagnostics software for a complete engine health check. With just a simple connection to the battery you can perform a cylinder balance test, detect misfires and carry out a compression test. The results are displayed in a bargraph that can easily be understood by both you and your customer. The growing range of accessories includes products such as Mixmaster which lets you view an ignition parade display of up to 12 cylinders, coil-on-plug extension leads and our pressure transducer. We also have a range of software, books and videos to help with vehicle diagnostics.

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Friday, February 3, 2017

Celebrate 2017 - with Siglent Oscilloscope Discounts!

For a limited time, our popular SDS2000X family of oscilloscopes
(100 / 200 / 300 MHz models) will be available at a significant discount with a giant 30% discount off the regular price. This is the largest price promotion we have ever had on the SDS2000X family. In addition, you can purchase the MSO option (LA and SPL2016 logic probe) at their regular price and receive the Serial Decode (DC) and Function Generator (FG) options at no charge. This total savings can reach $1220! This is one of our ways of thanking you for helping Siglent Technologies to grow so significantly over recent years.

And, for a limited time, you can purchase a SDS1102X/X+ or SDS1202X/X+ at 15% off list price!  What’s more, you can also get a Free Serial Decode Option with your new oscilloscope!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

EasyLoader - Portable Inc-Circuit Programmer - no PC needed!

The In-Circuit Programmer/Loader (“EasyLoader” or “eLoader”) is a standalone device that was designed to provide a flexible and cost-effective solution for electronic device manufacturers, as well as for hardware design companies and their customers. It allows you to upgrade code on any JTAG/SPI/I2C compliant device (like FPGA/CPLD/EEprom/Flash, etc.) or Microcontrollers at any time of development, testing or production.
Its small size and ease of use make the “eLoader” a unique device for the electronics manufacturing industry. Practically anyone can use it without making any mistakes. Once configured using a PC, it can be repeatedly used for a particular electronic product. An intuitive red/green LED interface indicates the operation status, making it ideal for a manufacturing line environment. Eliminate the need to pre-program (before assembly) as code releases can be loaded momentarily — just before a manufactured device is shipped to a customer.
Upon initial configuration, the “eLoader” functions as a completely standalone device that does not require connection to a host PC, power cable or batteries.
Board Assembly House
The “eLoader” can be used in a board assembly house to program the programmable logic devices as they come off the assembly line. It’s easy to use, so minimal training is required for the personnel. After initial configuration, the device does not require a computer connection for normal operation. This can help you completely avoid preprogramming parts and first article sign off, and as a result you can significantly reduce production costs.
Update Firmware Prior to Shipping
Boards can be programmed just prior to shipping to the customer. This ensures that only the latest firmware will be used. It also adds further flexibility, because a board can be programmed with different security/capability settings based on the particular customer order. There’s no need to stock boards with different firmware; instead, program each board as the order comes in.
Remote Firmware Update
The compact size and ease of use make it possible to simply ship the “eLoader” to customers. The eLoader starts working after the power is turned on so it can be easily operated by anyone. There’s no need to send an engineer overseas just to reprogram a customer’s device or to ship a device back to the factory for an update or replacement.
Because the “eLoader” doesn’t need a computer for normal operation, it can be a very useful portable programming/loading solution in the event that the debugging laboratory and engineering cubes are in different locations.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

GWInstek’s PSU-series fulfills low voltage (6V) and high current demands (800A)

GWInstek’s PSU-Series power supplies are single output programmable switching DC power supplies covering a power range up to 1520W. Five models provide 6V to 60V and can even be connected in series (max. 2 units) or in parallel (max. 4 units) for additional capacity for higher voltage or higher current output applications.

The PSU-Series’ Constant Voltage / Constant Current selection is a very useful safety feature for protecting a Device Under Test (DUT). The power supply normally operates in constant voltage (CV) mode when the power supply is turned on.  If connected to a capacitive load, this could cause a high inrush current or current-intensive load at the power output on stage.  The PSU-Series can run in constant current to limit a current spike to protect the DUT from the inrush current damage.

The Over-voltage (OVP) and Over-current (OCP) protection prevent the DUT damage. Both OVP and OCP levels can be selected the range of 10% to 110%, with the default level set at 110% of the power supply’s rated voltage /current. The PSU-Series provides USB Host /Device , LAN, RS-232 with RS-485 and Analog Control Interfaces as standard. A LabView driver is also available for rear-panel external control of Power On/Off and external monitoring of the power output voltage and current.

Monday, January 30, 2017

8 Channel Spectrum Analyzer

Analyzing multiple data streams such as audio, ultrasound, vibration, power, and complex timing systems simultaneously is usually a very expensive proposition.  Making simultaneous high-precision measurements on multiple inputs has been the job of expensive, high-end desktop oscilloscopes or PC cards.  Applications like solar power generation, electric vehicle propulsion where high-power, variable frequency electronics is combined with digital control lines are often a challenge to developers.
But European PC-scope specialist Pico Technology has developed a USB3.0-connected oscilloscope with exactly these applications in mind.  The PS4824 features eight analog input channels with 12 bits of vertical resolution, with a useful bandwidth of 20MHz.  Oscilloscopes with multiple inputs and high resolution are also ideal for debugging systems that contain a complex mix of power electronics, clock, digital logic, serial data and analog sensor signals, such as embedded systems in automotive ECUs, industrial equipment, or household appliances.

With a 12-bit A/D converter for each channel, 16 times more resolution is possible over normal scopes.  Housed in a compact 7.5” x 6.7” x 1.6” rugged enclosure, the PicoScope 4824 offers 12-bit resolution, a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface, and an integrated 14-bit arbitrary waveform generator.  The new eight-channel PicoScope has the same small footprint as previous two- and four-channel models, and can replace cumbersome full-sized workbench scopes. Like all PicoScopes, the 4824 is small, light, and highly portable.  Despite its high specification, it is entirely powered via USB and does not require a bulky separate adapter.
With eight high-precision, low-noise inputs, a bandwidth of 20MHz, and sensitivity from 2mV/div, this scope is well suited to a broad range of applications such as power supply start sequencing, decode and time-aligned display of related I/O lines, seven‑channel audio signals, three‑phase voltage and current measurements, and multi-phase motor drives. The maximum sampling rate of 80MSa/s, a deep buffer memory of 256MSa and data streaming capabilities enable the scope to measure detailed, useful signal capture over prolonged periods.

The PicoScope 4824 features a comprehensive list of capabilities, such as a 20 MHz FFT spectrum analyzer, segmented memory (for bursts of up to 10,000 captures in less than 30 milliseconds), math channels, automatic measurements, color persistence display mode, split-screen waveform viewing, advanced digital triggering, mask limit testing, and serial decoding (SPI, I2C, I2S, RS-232/UART, CAN, LIN and FlexRay). A free SDK is also included for developing applications in various popular programming languages including C, Visual Basic, LabVIEW and MATLAB with example code.

In addition, the PicoScope 4824 has a built-in low-distortion, 80 MS/s, 14 bit arbitrary waveform generator (AWG), which can be used to emulate missing sensor signals during product development, or to stress test a design over the full intended operating range. Waveforms can be imported from data files or created and modified using the included graphical AWG editor.  A function generator is also included, with sine, square, and triangle waves up to 1 MHz, DC level, white noise, and many more standard waveforms. Combining offset and frequency controls with advanced and spectrum peak hold options makes this a powerful tool for testing amplifier and filter responses.

The included PicoScope software for Windows harnesses the PC’s processing power, storage, graphics and networking capabilities. The user interface is easy for novices to learn, but professional users will find many advanced features including spectrum analysis, persistence display, automatic measurements, advanced triggers and channel math capabilities. Users can download software updates, feature extensions and improvements free of charge.

The PicoScope 4824 is a low cost, portable solution for multiinput applications. Made by Pico Technology, Europe’s award-winning oscilloscope adapter manufacturer, the PicoScope 4824 is supplied complete with two passive x1/x10 probes and a carry case. They are available now with a 5-year warranty starting at $2,013 from Saelig Company, Inc.

Useful dBm & Voltage Conversion Table

Confused by dBm?  When you're working with RF power, you sometimes need to know the voltage level for a given power. The table in this link provides a chart to convert between dBm, watts and voltage - peak to peak in a 50Ω system.

Useful dBm & Voltage Conversion Table - convert between dBm, Watts and voltage in a 50 ohm system.