Friday, May 26, 2017

Economical 3.2GHz Spectrum Analyzers from Rigol

Affordability, performance, and advanced features make these RF analyzers ‘must-have’ test equipment

The Rigol DSA832E Spectrum Analyzer is a high performance, economical, and compact 9kHz to 3.2GHz Spectrum Analyzer. A tracking generator function is available with the “-TG” model. The digital IF circuitry guarantees reliability and performance that meets the most demanding RF applications. The rugged but very affordable DSA832E Spectrum Analyzer has a broad set of features and specs, including a large 8” WVGA color LCD and intuitive front panel controls.  Available options include a preamplifier for very small signals, a VSWR measurement toolkit for configuring and evaluating antennas, as well as an advanced measurement kit that enables additional functions such as channel boundaries and signal-to-noise ratio measurements.

  • 10Hz Minimum Resolution Bandwidth: with -148dBm Displayed Average Noise Level (DANL) for low-level signal measurements. 
  • Zero Span Function:  allows the signal envelope to be seen when demodulating an AM signal
  • Peak Table Function:  readout of up to 10 peak Frequency/Amplitude values. 
  • Low Phase Noise:  excellent single sideband phase noise allows nearby small signals to be accurately measured.
  • Powerful PC Software: remotely control and setup, read back the data, perform measurements and data analysis; display powerful spectrograms and waterfall graphs.
  • EMI Pre-compliance Test Software: quickly locate product problems, enabling them to pass subsequent formal EMC testing.

For Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other RF designs, high performance specs like SSB Phase Noise as low as -90 dBc/Hz (10kHz offset) allow engineers to more accurately analyze modulation and noise issues in signals of interest.  Whether debugging an RF transceiver set, designing layout or configuration changes to maximize efficiency, or testing a system in noisy environments, the economical DSA832E Spectrum Analyzer helps to quickly and affordably identify and examine areas of RF concern.

DSA832E Spectrum Analyzers are made by Rigol Technologies, a rapidly growing manufacturer of high quality, high performance and value-priced test equipment.     Offered with a remarkable 3-year warranty, DSA832E Series Spectrum Analyzers are available now from Saelig Company, Inc.  1-888-772-3544   

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Rail Professional Magazine's Editorial on ABI Electronics Ltd

Check out pages 138-141 of this European Rail magazine:

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

JRKerr’s Motion Control Systems Make Motor Movement Easy!

JEFFREY KERR, LLC.  (JRKerr) makes easy-to-use PIC-based motion control boards. Their PIC-SERVO motion control boards have integrated power amplifiers for DC servo motors, brushless servo motors and stepper motors; or use their versatile controller chips for your own motion control board design. They are easily connected to standard serial ports for creating powerful multi-axis, mixed-motor control systems.
We take the mystery out of motion control!  See product brief.

JRKerr’s PIC-SERVO motion control systems are installed around the world in applications as diverse as biotech automation, oilfield automation, mass data storage systems and NASA experimental vehicles. We offer motion control boards with integrated power amplifiers for DC servo motors, brushless servo motors and stepper motors, as well as controller chips for your own custom boards.   They are easily connected to standard serial ports, so you can quickly create powerful multi-axis, mixed-motor control systems.   The boards are based around a Motion Basic Controller IC - a microcontroller which allows you to create simple stand-alone motion control programs for up to 8 of our NMC motion control modules. Using our easy-to-use Windows based programming and debugging utility you can quickly create BASIC language programs which include motion commands. Motion Basic programs can also communicate with another computer over an RS232 or USB port. The Motion Basic controller chip is designed for use with our SSA-485 board to allow non-programmers to create simple motion control applications. 
The brush, brushless and stepper motor control modules all integrate high level motion control functions and power amplifiers into a single board. Each board gives you everything you need to control your motor from a PC or other host controller.
There are two basic options for implementing your motion control application:
1) Use a PC or other host to send commands directly to the motion controllers, or
2) Use our SSA-485 adapter board as a stand-alone controller.
Option 1 All controllers can communicate with a host computer (PC, PLC, embedded processor, etc.) using fullduplex (4-wire) RS485 serial communications. Up to 32 control modules (PIC-SERVO, PIC-STEP, or PIC-I/O) can be connected to a single serial port. Host controllers with a standard RS232 port or USB port can use our SSA-485 Smart Serial Adapter.
For optimal efficiency, your host can send commands directly to the motion control modules using their native binary NMC communications protocol. For non-demanding applications, however, your host can also use a simplified ASCII Command Interface (ACI) mode. Use of the ACI mode requres the Motion Basic controller chip described below. Example programs for Windows and other systems can be found on our software page.
Option 2 Alternately, the controllers can be operated in a stand-alone mode with our SSA-485 Smart Serial Adapter with our optional Motion Basic controller chip installed. You can create simple BASIC programs using our Windows based Motion Basic programming application and then download the program to the SSA-485 / Motion Basic controller. (More sophisticated applications may also be implemented in C using a PIC18Fxxx processor instead of the Motion Basic chip.) 

Monday, May 22, 2017

This board has been a best-seller for YEARS!

DeVaSys specializes in USB-I2CI/O boards for easy access to I2C peripherals.
Ideal for integrating into equipment (e.g. manufacturing test set-ups) with your existing or planned application software – where you know that only your own software will suit your needs and you must have a reliable interface board! USB-I2CIO provides simple long-life hardware, a simple API, and ROCK SOLID firmware, dll, and driver…. all for a very reasonable price.  When we say ROCK SOLID CODE, this is where most other I2C boards fall down.  All this, with custom support available too!  This board is used by manufacturers around the world.
The USB-I2C/IO interface board provides a simple, "drop-in", solution for customers that need to connect hardware to a PC. The new Rev. C1 board provides up to 32 bits of user-configurable digital I/O, an I2C/SMBUS interface with a configurable clock (100Kbps, 400Kbps, 1Mbps, etc.), and more.

Key Features:
12Mbps USB 2.0 interface (full-speed device) to host P.C.
Silicon Labs C8051F340 micro-controller (48Mhz, 63KB flash, 4KB sram, USB, I2C/SMBUS, SPI, etc.).
Up to 32 bits of user configurable, general purpose digital I/O via commonly available 0.1" spacing connectors.
I2C/SMBUS multi-channel interface supporting configurable clock speeds, onboard 16KB I2C eeprom (fully available to user, and on it's own I2C bus segment for isolation), 5 pin connectors for attaching external I2C hardware.
USB Status LED, lights on enumeration, blinks to indicate USB traffic, off when suspended.
Error LED, indicates when the board's firmware has detected an error, error can be read and cleared via API.
Small form factor (3.0" X 2.25") with 0.125" mounting holes in corners.
Downloadable board firmware, simplifies updates and allows for code customization.
Included API (applications programming interface) software implemented as Windows DLL in C, gets your application up and running fast!
USB to I2C/SMBUS bridge for interfacing to a wide variety of I2C/SMBUS components.
USB to general purpose digital I/O bridge for interfacing to switches, LEDs, and other hardware.
Can be used as low cost prototype hardware for developing your own Silicon Labs C8051F340 micro projects.
Test fixture interface.
Rapid prototyping interface.
Data Acquisition.
The full-speed USB interface provides your application hardware with a "Hot Plug and Play", 12Mbps, industry standard connection to your P.C. host.
Utilizes Silicon Labs C8051F340 USB micro-controller.
Power configuration jumper allows board to be powered by USB or by external circuitry.
I2C power configuration jumper allow I2C bus to be powered by variety of sources (+5V, +3.3V, External voltage).
Debug Connector footprint provides for using board as low cost development hardware for your own C8051F340 projects.
EEPROM Write Protect jumper provides protection from accidental onboard EEPROM erasure.


The included device driver, dll, and example application software make it easier than ever to access your application hardware from your PC.
The software provides support for connection of multiple boards, making the USB-I2C/IO a great solution when multiple equipment instances are required (test fixtures, production equipment, instruments, etc.). Each board can be uniquely identified and accessed by your application software via a serial number.

Friday, May 19, 2017

PICO PicoLog 1012 10-bit 12-Channel Datalogger (PP546) Logs Data!

The PicoLog 1012 Multi-Channel DAQ is a 10-bit 12-channel datalogger designed to meet the needs of a wide range of general-purpose voltage, sensor and transducer logging applications.  It features independent software-configurable scaling and control outputs, an external terminal board for custom front-end circuitry and 2 output channels. Logging at up to 1 MSa/s sample rate, it is USB connected and powered.  Data acquisition software and SDK is included
The PicoLog 1000 Series is the result of a distinguished lineage that goes back to the release of our first multi-channel data logger — the ADC-11 — in 1993. The original ADC-11, and its successor the USB ADC-11, proved to be the perfect choice for users wanting a low-cost way to measure and record multiple signals. The PicoLog 1000 Series builds on this success to give you the same low-cost data acquisition but with greater power and performance. (Because the ADC-11 was so popular we’ve also added a USB ADC-11 compatibility mode which allows you to use your PicoLog 1000 logger as a direct replacement to the USB ADC-11.) 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Samsung Semiconductor USA: "How incredibly powerful ABI systems are!"

So pleased to hear yesterday from managers at Samsung Semiconductor in America how incredibly powerful our systems are! It's great when a customer thanks you for helping them make the right decision! #Repairdontwaste

Saelig - our partners in the USA - have successfully delivered ABI's advanced training program to Samsung Semiconductor in Austin, Texas. Samsung recently acquired a full set of solutions from ABI for PCB diagnostic, schematic generation and boundary scan test. We're very pleased with the outstandingly positive feedback received at the end of the training yesterday! #ABISavesYouTime

Here are some of the products they will be using to fix their PCBs: