Friday, July 13, 2018

Improved Performance of Motor-Drive Systems by Shaft Torque Feedback

This paper describes the application of a non-contact, high bandwidth, low cost, SAW-based torque measuring system for improving the dynamic performance of industrial motor-drive systems.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

EMI Troubleshooting with Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers

In this article in Ken Wyatt shows how the latest tool for serious troubleshooting & debugging - real-time spectrum analyzers – have advantages in using RT analysis for observing and troubleshooting unusual EMI issues.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Saelig Introduces Waterproof 6-axis Acceleration and Angular Rate Sensor

Code Mercenaries 
modules provides 3-axis measurements of both acceleration and angular rate with 16-bit resolution for motion, vibration, or orientation sensing applications. 

Fairport, NY:   Saelig Company Inc. ( has announced   JoyWarrior56FR1-WP - a cost efficient, waterproof, six-axis MEMS motion sensor with a 6 foot cable and USB interface. Three axes of acceleration and three of angular rate are measured with 16-bit resolution. Measurement ranges from ±2g to ±16g and 125dps to 2000dps are available.  Readings are taken at 833 measurements per second in standard mode, while a high speed mode generates 6,664 data points per second.  In standard mode the data is reported as joystick data, which eliminates the need for a special driver. The data can be read with any program that can accept joystick data as input.
The different range settings at which acceleration and angular rate can be measured can be stored permanently in the sensor.  Options are provided for data filtering inside the sensor to reduce noise.  A configuration tool for setting the sensor parameters, a 3D tilt angle demo, and a data recorder are included as part of the software support. 
Each USB-powered JoyWarrior56FR1-WP has a unique 8-digit hexadecimal serial number in its device descriptor which can be used to simplify programming for multiple JoyWarriors connected to a single computer. The serial numbers are factory programmed and cannot be changed. The sensors are factory calibrated for neutral position and range so there is no need for additional calibration of the sensor itself.
The extended temperature range of -10°C to 85°C and the waterproof packaging opens this product up to many applications.  The sensor has two convenient mounting holes and a strong internal magnet to make it simple for attaching to a surface.  The JoyWarrior56FR1 sensor is also available as a PCB module or a kit containing the module, cable and enclosure.  It may be used for motion, vibration, or orientation sensing applications. 
Technical Data
  • 6 axis 16-bit acceleration and angular rate sensor
  • Selectable measurement ranges: ±2g, ±4g, ±8g, ±16g, 125, 250, 500, 1000, 2000 dps
  • Resolution down to 61µg
  • 822 or 6664 readings/sec
  • Identifies as a joystick for easy data access
  • Temperature range -10°C to 85°C
  • 6 ft USB cable for data and power
  • 2.5” x 2.0” x  0.6” waterproof plastic housing
  • Mounting by screws or internal magnet
JoyWarrior modules and ICs are designed by Code Mercenaries, a leading European supplier of industrial input devices and peripherals since 1998. JoyWarrior56FR1-WP is available now from their USA distributor Saelig Company, Inc.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Interesting Picoscope Application!

The Insect Ecology and Communication Lab in the Department of Biological Sciences at Ohio University focuses on understanding communication pathways in insects (inter- and intra-specific communication) and their environment (plant-insect interactions and foraging). We are interested in using chemical ecology, behavioral ecology and physiology to advance our knowledge of basic insect ecology (foraging, reproduction) in particular for pest management (e.g., blow flies, midge flies), forest entomology (e.g., longhorn beetles) and pollination (e.g.native pollinators) applications, and to develop viable monitoring techniques and strategies for threatened and endangered insect species. To tackle these research avenues, we use a combination of laboratory assays, field experiments and surveys, and chemistry and chemical ecology methods (compound identification via mass spectrometry [GC-MS] and electro-antennogram [EAD]).

They have purchased a Picoscope on our recommendation, wanting to measure the frequency of insect wing vibrations!

Friday, July 6, 2018

Teledyne LeCroy 3000z Oscilloscope Offers Valuable Features

The WaveSurfer 3000z oscilloscopes feature a large 10.1” capacitive touch screen, a vast set of debug and analysis tools, multi-instrument capabilities, feature/option upgrades, and support for a wide probe range. They come in five models with bandwidths from 100 MHz to 1 GHz and sample rates up to 4 GS/s. New 100-MHz and 1-GHz Models The WaveSurfer 3000z adds a 100-MHz version that brings the powerful features of the WaveSurfer 3000 to an entry-level price, and a highly affordable, yet equally feature-loaded 1-GHz model.

The 100-MHz version addresses the requirements of general-purpose debugging and validation tasks, while the 1-GHz model serves users looking for the bandwidth to tackle sophisticated applications such as higher-speed serial communications test and RF signal analysis. More Memory, More Speed, and More Insight The WaveSurfer 3000z combines an entirely new CPU engine, an improved internal-communications bus, and up to 20 Mpoints of acquisition memory, twice that of the WaveSurfer 3000, to facilitate rapid and responsive oscilloscope operation. Meanwhile, the 10.1” capacitive touch screen combines with Teledyne LeCroy’s MAUI user interface to give users a better look at waveforms and deeper insight into signal abnormalities.

Advanced Tools and Probes for Power-Electronics/Conversion Testing Now available for the WaveSurfer 3000z, the Power Analysis software package performs detailed analysis of line power, control loops, and system/device power performance. The WaveSurfer 3000z’s fast display update rate of 130,000 waveforms/s makes it easy to identify anomalies during power analysis. -MORETo augment the Power Analysis software package, the WaveSurfer 3000z offers an advanced active-probe interface that supports Teledyne LeCroy’s power-focused HVFO103 high-voltage, fiber optically-isolated probe, RP4030 power-rail probe, CP03xA high-sensitivity current probes, and HVD3000A high-voltage differential probes. Together, the Power Analysis software, specialized probes, and the balance of Teledyne LeCroy’s large selection of probes give the WaveSurfer 3000z all of the required resources for debugging and validation of power electronics and power-conversion circuits.

It also packs a deep measure and math toolset of 20 math functions for quick waveform insight and 24 automated parameter measurements. A dedicated grid eases viewing of math traces, while statistics, histicons, and trends extract revealing details from parameter measurements. The LabNotebook feature saves and/or restores oscilloscope setups and waveforms with the touch of a single button, and provides a handy tool for annotation and documentation of your work sessions. Adding to the comprehensive toolset inherited from earlier models, the WaveSurfer 3000z includes LXI-compatible web browsing to facilitate remote configuration and operation. In the event of AC-line disconnection, a new “power on AC line” feature restores power by simply reattaching the cord.
The already broad palette of optional serial trigger/decode packages now adds an Audiobus trigger/decode package, which performs analysis and debug of the digital audio-bus standard in its I 2S, LJ, RJ, and TDM variants.

Not only is the WaveSurfer 3000z an extremely capable oscilloscope, but it also can serve as a 5-in-1 instrument. The function-generator option offers a standard collection of waveforms at up to 25 MHz, while the logic-analyzer option provides 16 digital channels for mixed-signal capabilities. A digital-voltmeter option performs 4-digit voltage measurements and 5-digit frequency counting on any channel, and the protocol-analyzer option with serial trigger/decode features intuitive, color-coded waveform overlays and interactive data tables.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Aaronia's AARTOS Drone Detection Systems at Trump/KimJongUn Meeting

Aaronia's AARTOS Drone Detection Systems protected the summit meeting of Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump.  Saelig supplier Aaronia AG, the German advanced RF company, announced the use of their AI based Drone Detection System for this historical meeting.
The fully automatic drone detection system AARTOS detects the RF emission of any drone and its remote control and offers a live situation awareness display incl. highly featured 3D flight plots.

Aaronia AG CEO, Thorsten Chmielus said: "We’re overjoyed to be a part of this historical and unique event to provide protection against drones. We are pleased that once again the inimitable capabilities of the AARTOS Drone Detection System are gaining in importance internationally."

The AARTOS system offers a unique ultra-high range (10-15km) 360 degree dome coverage. The detection technology is based on the patented AARONIA ISOLOG 3D Tracking Array Antenna, a UWB real-time Rf receiver “SPECTRAN V5” and a highly complex AI based Tracking-Software.
The AARTOS Drone Detection System allows very detailed analysis of any RF emissions e.g. “hopping” patterns of drones but also any other RF signals e.g. cell phones enabling to detect even the latest 4G based drones . The rapid proliferation of micro/mini UAV is a growing potential threat to national and commercial security.

As the use of drones becomes more and more commonplace, safety and reliability are of enormous importance. Drone Detection Systems are gaining in importance because of the increasing number of illegal drone entering areas (e.g. major events, airports, …). For safety, the position of the drones needs to be tracked by their RF emission. The user of the drone will also be detected by the emission of the remote control.