Friday, April 17, 2015

Saelig’s Real-Time 27GHz Spectrum Analyzers can see intermittent RF signals

The compact RTSA7500 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer is a powerful, full-featured spectrum analyzer designed to analyze wireless signals in real-time (not progressively scanned). This is essential for seeing intermittent and frequency-hopped signals. The RTSA7500 has all the standard features of a sophisticated, expensive bench-top spectrum analyzer, but at far lower cost since it uses the display and processing power of an attached PC. Frequency controls, marker functions for tracking specific frequencies and multi-trace functionality are all included, as well as a real-time triggering for measuring complex data signals such as Wi-Fi and LTE. Sophisticated FPGA-based digital signal processing within the RTSA7500 enables the capture of elusive time-varying signals across an instantaneous bandwidth of up to 100MHz.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Measure picoAmps!

AMETRIX Model 101 Picoammeter includes a built-in voltage bias source. USB-connected, for very-low-current measurements from 20pA to 1mA. Ideal for measuring very low electrical currents in optoelectronics, ion and electron beam monitoring, materials resistance testing, and more.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Time to vote for the Best in EMC Test!

We have two products in Interference Technology's list of Best EMC Product.  Please take time to vote and see if you think ours deserve your vote!

Monday, April 13, 2015

High Definition Scopes now from Saelig!!

12-bit High Resolution oscilloscopes beat the 8-bit competition!
Now available from - and supported by - Saelig! Want a FREE DEMO at your place?

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What is the best 100MHz 4-channel oscilloscope?

The DS1000Z Series of entry level digital oscilloscopes from Rigol meet almost any customer's needs with its innovative technology, industry leading specifications, powerful trigger functions and broad analysis capabilities.  This advanced scope comes complete with 4 probes and features a display rate of up to 30,000 wfms/s, a sampling rate of 1GSa/s and a huge 12Mpts built-in memory. 

The DS1104Z is a versatile 4-channel 100 MHz oscilloscope with a 7 inch display. It features Rigol's high-end UltraVision technology as well as a host of options.  Analysis, decoding, and deep memory make for a powerful 4 channel scope at an exceptional price.

Rigol's DS1104Z - the best 100MHz oscilloscope! Only $830!

Watch this to find out why!


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

PC-less EasyLoader In-Circuit Programmer/Loader

EasyLoader is a standalone In-Circuit Programmer/Loader designed to provide a flexible and cost-effective solution for electronic device manufacturers, as well as for hardware design companies and their customers. It allows code upgrades on JTAG/SPI/I2C-compliant devices (like FPGA/CPLD/EEprom/Flash, etc.) or microcontrollers at any time during development, testing, or production. It avoids preprogramming during assembly and "first article sign-off" and update products with latest firmware quickly with this standalone device.

EasyLoader is a unique device for the electronics manufacturing industry, usable by almost anyone without error. Once configured using a PC, it can be disconnected and repeatedly used for a particular electronic product. An intuitive red/green LED interface indicates the operation status, making it ideal for manufacturing line environments.  This eliminates the need to pre-program before assembly as code releases can be loaded momentarily — just before a manufactured device is shipped to a customer.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

How do we keep it all straight??!!

Part numbers: AF-3D Printer H480, AF-3D Printer H800, AG1012, AG1012F, AG1022, AG1022F, AG2052F, AG2062F, AG4081, AG4101, AG4121, AG4151, APGEN3000, APGEN3000HC, APPH20G, APPH30G, APPH6000-IS400, APPH6000RM, APPH6040, APSIN12G, APSIN20G, APSIN26G, APSIN3000, APSIN4010HC, APSIN6010HC, APSYN420D, BicoLOG  5070, BICOLOG 20100, BICOLOG 20100E, BICOLOG 20300, BICOLOG 30100, BICOLOG 30100E, BicoLOG Antenna Carrying Case, CAN PCI/2, CAN PCI/4, CAN-104/1,CUPC-P120, CUPC-P200, CUPC-P220, CUPC-P300, CUPC-P80, CUWIN  iTL, CUWIN 7, DATAMAN 40PRO, Dataman S6, DG1022, DG1022A, DG1032Z, DG1062Z, DG4062, DG4102, DG4162, DG5071, DG5072, DG5101, DG5102, DG5251, DG5252, DG5351, DG5352, DM3058, DM3058E, DM3068, DP832, DP832A, DS1022CD, DS1042CD, DS1052D, DS1052E, DS1054Z, DS1062CD, DS1074B, DS1074Z, DS1074Z-S, DS1102D, DS1102E, DS1104Z, DS1104Z-S, DS1204B, DS2072A, DS2072A-S, DS2102A, DS2102A-S, DS2202A, DS2202A-S, DS2302A, DS2302A-S, DS4012, DS4014, DS4022, DS4024, DS4032, DS4034, DS4052, DS4054, DS6062, DS6064, DS6102, DS6104, DSA1030, DSA1030A, DSA815, DSA815-TG, DSA832, DSA832-TG, DSA875, DSA875-TG, DSG3030, DSG3060, FT232RL, FT232RQ, FT245BL, FT245BQ, FT245RL, GALEP 4, GALEP 5, GDS-1052-U, GDS-1072A-U, GDS-1072-U, GDS-1102A-U, GDS-1102-U, GDS-1152A-U, GDS-207, GDS-2072A, GDS-2074A, GDS-210, GDS-2102A, GDS-2104A, GDS-220, GDS-2202A, GDS-2204A, GDS-2302A, GDS-2304A, GDS-307, GDS-310, GDS-3152, GDS-3154, GDS-320, GDS-3252, GDS-3254, GDS-3352, GDS-3354, GDS-3502, GDS-3504, HDS1021M, HDS1022MN, HDS2062MN, HDS3102MN, HDS4202MN, HF 6085 V4, HF-2025E, HF-4040-R3, HF-4060-R3, HF-60100-R4, HF-60105 V4, HF-6085-R4, HF-RSA 6000, HPG1, HPS140i, HPS50, HyperLOG 4040, HyperLOG 6080, HyperLOG 7025, HyperLOG 7040, HyperLOG 7060, PP163, PP178, PP179 (MI077), PP194 (EL040), PP198, PP207, PP214, PP216, PP218 (TA009), PP222 (TC-08), PP253 (TA015), PP264 (TA018), PP266 (TA019), PP308 (ADC-20), PP309 (ADC-24), PP310 (ADC-20), PP311 (ADC-20 w/TB), PP312 (ADC-24 w/TB), PP315 (PS2105), PP317 (PS2104), PP327, PP337 (ACE), PP338, PP339, PP349, PP357, PP359, PP361 (Mixmaster), PP377 (PS5204), PP399, PP400, PP408, PP454 (PS3425), PP472 (PS9201), PP474 (PS9211A), PP478 (PS4224), PP479 (PS4424), PP492 (PS4224), PP493 (PS4424), PP543 (PicoLog 1012), PP545 (TB), PP546 (PicoLog 1012TB), PP547 (PicoLog 1216TB), PP609, PP619, PP624, PP652  (WPS500X), PP660, PP664, PP665, PP682 (PT-104), PP691, PP695 (PS4224-11), PP697, PP706 (USB DrDAQ), PP707 (USB DrDAQ), PP708 (PS3204A), PP709 (PS3204B), PP710 (PS3205A), PP711 (PS3205B), PP713 (PS3206B), PP718, PP787, PP794, PP795 (PS6407), PP798 (PS2205), PP799 (PS4262), PP803 (CM3), PP821, PP822, PP823 (PS2205), PP833 (WPS600 Kit), PP836 (WPS500X Kit), PP838 (PS6402A), PP840 (PS6403A), PP846 (PS3404A), PP847 (PS3404B), PP848 (PS3405A), PP849 (PS3405B), PP850 (PS3406A), PP851 (PS3406B), PP858, PP860 (PS3205 MSO), PP863 (PS5242A), PP864 (PS5242B), PP865 (PS5243A), PP866 (PS5243B), PP867 (PS5244A), PP868 (PS5244B), PP869 (PS5442A), PP870 (PS5442B), PP871 (PS5443A), PP872 (PS5443B), PP873 (PS5444A), PP874 (PS5444B), PP876 (PS3207B), PP877, PP879, PP884 (PS6402C), PP885 (PS6402D), PP886 (PS6403C), PP887 (PS6403D), PP888 (PS6404C), PP889 (PS6404D), PP890 (PS9301), PP891 (PS9302), PP892 (PS9311), PP893 (PS9312), PP894 (PS9321), PP895 (PS9341), PP906 (PS2204A), PP907 (PS2205A), PP908 (PS2206A), PP909 (PS2207A), PP910 (PS2208A), PP916 (PS4824), PP917 (PS2204A 2-D2), PP918 (PS4225), PP919 (PS4425), PP920 (PS4225), PP921 (PS4425), PP922 (PS4225), PP923 (PS4425), PP924 (PS4425), PP925 (PS4425), PP931 (PS3204D MSO), PP932 (PS3205D MSO), PP933 (PS3206D MSO), PP934 (PS3404D MSO), PP935 (PS3405D MSO), PP936 (PS3406D MSO), PP939 (WPS500X), PP956 (PS3203D MSO), PP957 (PS3403D MSO), PP958 (PS3203D), PP959 (PS3204D), PP960 (PS3205D), PP961 (PS3206D), PP962 (PS3403D), PP963 (PS3404D), PP964 (PS3405D), PP965 (PS3406D), PP966 (2205A-D2), SDG1005, SDG1010, SDG1020, SDG1025, SDG1050, SDG5082, SDG5122, SDG5162, SDG805, SDG810, SDG830, SDM3055, SDM3055A, SDS1022DL, SDS1052DL, SDS1072CFL, SDS1072CML, SDS1074CFL, SDS1102CFL, SDS1102CM, SDS1102CML, SDS1102DL, SDS1104CFL, SDS1152CML, SDS1202CFL, SDS1202DL, SDS1204CFL, SDS1302CFL, SDS1304CFL, SDS2072, SDS2074, SDS2102, SDS2104, SDS2202, SDS2204, SDS2302, SDS2304, SDS5032, SDS6062, SDS7072, SDS7102, SDS7122, SDS8102, SDS8202, SDS8302, SDS9302, SHS1062, SHS1102, SHS806, SHS810, SHS815, SHS820, TG1006, TG1010A, TG120, TG2000, TG2511A, TG2512A, TG310, TG315, TG320, TG330, TG4001, TG5011A, TG5012A, TG550, TGA12102, TGA12104, TGA1241, TGA1242, TGA1244, TGP110, TGR1040, TGR2050, TGR6000, TL500, VDS1022, VDS1022I, VDS2062, VDS2064L, VDS3102L, VDS3104, VDS3104L, WS8101, WS8102, WS8251, WS8351, WS8352, WW1071, WW1072, WW1074, WW5061, WW5062, WW5064.                                                                                            
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Who Makes What? Aaronia - Low cost handheld RF spectrum analyzers, ABI Electronics - Low-cost counterfeit IC detector/PCB testers, Adeunis - OEM wireless modules and ready-to-use RF modems Afinia - Ready-to-run 3D printers, Aim-TTi - Test equip: counters/spec. analyzers/prog. DC loads Airwave Tech - Compact audio/video transmitters/receivers Alphatemp Tech - Temp monitoring, control, sensing, Amfeltec - Electronic manufacturing products, Amplicon - Industrial, medical, military computers/data comm. Anapico - Low phase noise, portable RF signal gens to 6GHz Array - Controllers, instrumentation, power supplies, elec. loads Barich - USB- SDIO integrated circuits, Big Bear - Isolated USB adapters, Byte Paradigm - PC-based inst. for embedded sys test/debug, Calibre - I2C-Bus comm. adapters, image processing, Canmax - CCD and laser barcode scanners, Circuit Design - Low power narrow-band std radio modules Cleverscope - PC-hosted, USB/Ethernet scopes/logic analyzers Code Mercenaries - USB I/O controller ICs that need no drivers Comfile - Industrial control modules, PLCs, touch panel PCs Conitec - Universal device programmers, Cosview - Economical USB microscopes, Dataman - Universal IC programmers, Devasys - USB-to-I2C and I/O boards for easy I2C access, DLP Design - FTDI-based USB modules Double Robotics - Telepresence robots EAD - Innovative multiband antennas, EarthLCD - Easy-to-use touchscreen LCDs Elexol - Ethernet I/O and USB I/O modules Ellisys - Protocol analysis tools for USB, Euroquartz - Quartz crystals, resonators, oscillators Fametech - Ethernet-serial cables and USB Barcode readers FTDI - USB ICs, USB drivers, Vinculum USB host/slave ICs Gabotronics - World's smallest mixed signal oscilloscopes, GL Optic - Optical spectrometers, GW Instek - Electrical/electronic test & meas. Instruments, IHR Automotive - Automotive test equip/CAN/LIN/Most/Flexray, IKA Logic - Economical PC-based logic analyzers, Isentek - State-of-the-art motion sensing IC technology, JanzTec - Industrial automation, CANbus systems, JRKerr - PIC-based motion control ICs/boards, stepper motors, Kalestead - High quality temperature sensors, Kaltman - Low cost handheld RF spectrum analyzers, Kingdy - High-quality, reliable panel PCs, KK Systems - RS232/422/485 comm. adapters/isol/converters Klaric - Precision automotive loggers for current/voltage/temp Laplace - Multi-ch elec system data loggers, EMI instruments Lascar Electronics - USB data loggers - temp/humidity/voltage Lilliput - Embedded computer systems and HMI displays, Link Inst. - High-speed portable, PC mixed-signal scopes, Lorlin Electronics - Rotary, key, and push-button switches, LPRS - Radio transceivers for low-power, serial transmission Lumetrics - High precision thickness meas. & gauging systems, Makerbot - Affordable, open source 3D printers, Manatronics - DC load banks, battery discharge data loggers, Mastech - High quality electronic measuring instruments, MQP - Unbeatable USB development analyzers and generators MSR Electronics - USB-conn. multi-parameter/vibration loggers Omega Research - SMD prototyping adapters, Oscium - Mixed signal scopes for iPod touch/iPhone/iPad, Owon - Affordable, benchtop and handheld oscilloscopes, Pico Technology - PC-based scopes, data acquisition equipment, Plessey Semiconductors - EPIC elec potential sensors, ICs, ProAnt - Custom antenna design for wireless products, Prolific - USB-serial ICs, storage interface, multimedia, GPS, etc, Ramsey Electronics - Benchtop metal EMI test enclosures, RF-Suisse - Specialized state-of-the-art RF products Rigol - Digital Oscilloscopes, AWGs, Digital Multimeters Select Fabricators - Portable EMI test enclosure tents, Sensor Tech. - TorqSense & optical rotary torque measurement, Siglent - High quality digital storage oscilloscopes, Signal Wizard Systems - Integrated DSP and audio filters, SWORD - Custom portable, air-inflated RF-shielded enclosures Syscomp - PC-based 7-function scope/test instrument SystemBase - USB-serial cables, converters, QuadUART ICs Tabor - High-end signal generators and RF amplifiers, Telemakus - USB controlled RF modules, Triarchy Technologies - USB-based RF test tools, Velleman - Handheld economical test gear, WIZnet - Hardware-TCP/IP-offload ICs modules