Monday, November 7, 2016

Brazil’s WEG shortens test time by 50% with ABI’s MIS4

WEG, a leading electric engineering, power and automation technology manufacturer recently reported gains of 50% in PCB assembly testing time following the implementation of ABI’s MIS 4 module in Brazil.  The globally known manufacturer of electric motors, generators, transformers and drives with operations in around 100 countries, completed the implementation of ABI’s SYSTEM MIS 4 for the final production test of complex controller cards used in the company’s popular variable speed drives.  The operation, which previously required employees to follow lengthy work instructions and use traditional instrumentation, was optimized by the use of ABI’s test sequence manager called TestFlow and the SYSTEM 8 MIS4 module. Integral to ABI's SYSTEM 8 Ultimate software, the TestFlow Manager allowed WEG’s test engineers to create a fully interactive and semi-automatic test sequence integrated with the company’s SAP system.

The traditional process which included measuring high voltage test points was made more robust and error proof by the addition of safety checks and prompts in the programmable TestFlow testing sequence software. Users are required, for example, to enter data provided by the HMI of the device under test prior to proceeding to the next step. Operators also benefit from masks with set tolerances and expected results displayed by in the TestFlow for every task, along with pictures to help less experienced operators connect to WEG's developed test rigs currently.

The TestFlow Ultimate software "Script Editor" facility along with Python provided additional flexibility for the recall of most up-to-date approved work instructions from SAP as well as conditional step approval and fault logging that increased reliability and minimized the risk of a faulty unit to be wrongly approved by the operator.  Sales director Rafael Barreto from ABI distributor in Brazil says:

“following a complete review of WEG Automation’s production test which relied on traditional scopes, DMMs and dense work instructions, it became clear that the company could benefit tremendously from ABI’s software and the Multiple Instrument Station module. We are pleased to report that internal studies carried out by WEG indicate that the full test cycle is completed now in just half the time it used to take with the old method.”

Released in August 2015, the Multiple Instrument Station MIS4, is an all-in-one virtual testing bench that provides all commonly required measurement instruments in one compact USB driven module Controlled by ABI’s user-friendly SYSTEM 8 Ultimate PC software, the MIS4 combines eight instruments:

  • 3-channel 350MHz digital storage oscilloscope with sophisticated triggering options and automatic measurements
  • 1.1GHz universal frequency counter + three 350MHz counters
  • 14-bit dual-channel 25MHz arbitrary waveform function generator
  • Fully floating ammeter
  • Fully floating voltmeter
  • Fully floating ohmmeter
  • multi-rail 4-channel power supplies
  • 8 programmable I/O channels
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