Monday, November 21, 2016

Important BoardMaster sales: Korean Army and the Korea and Israel National Railways

ABI's Business Development Specialist Wesly Lo is in Japan for training at DENSO next week in Nagoya.
Japanese company DENSO has invested in ABI's BoardMaster for the repair of automation systems used at their manufacturing premises in Nagoya. Following an in-depth review of latest technologies for electronics repair and maintenance, DENSO plant managers chose the BoardMaster Universal PCB Tester from ABI. The product was acquired last month for use in the internal repair of automation and robotic systems employed in the manufacturing of car parts after a meeting held at the 19th Embedded Systems Expo with ABI's area manager Wesly Lo in May 2016.
DENSO is a leading supplier of advanced automotive systems and components for all major automakers. With 184 subsidiaries (68 in Japan, 34 in the Americas, 34 in Europe and 48 in Asia/Oceania) this is a great global reference for ABI. DENSO in Nagoya has plans to roll out the BoardMaster onto the other 7 electronics repair labs operating in that same location.
Huge congratulations to RDT (Israel) and Incore Technologies (Korea) for the important orders closed this week.


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