Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thanks, B.A!!

British Airways held a Face-to-Face competition last year, and I was one of 100 winners of a fantastic prize: 10 business class tickets to anywhere BA flies, with up to 3 intermediary stops. The idea is to boost face-to-face meetings, as opposed to "internet meetings".

I just got back from my first "free" trip, visiting the EmbeddedWorld show in Nuremburg, and CeBIT in Hanover. Then I spent all last week visiting 10 of our UK suppliers, to catch up on news and upcoming products.

Highlights were in the serendipitous conversations amd bonding that occurred while eating and discussing together. It's a true adage that "people buy from people" - meaning that impersonal emails and websites are trumpoed by personal contact.

More exciting, unique products that I saw will appear on our website over the next few weeks. Sign up on for our newsletter to get the latest as it's announced!