Friday, January 23, 2015

Detecting counterfeit ICs

Stop counterfeit ICs from harming your manufacturing!  Get ABI's SENTRY from Saelig: check out this brief video description -

The ABI SENTRY is a unique solution for the quick and easy detection of Counterfeit ICs and components. SENTRY is an easy-to-use tester, aimed at receiving inspection and designed to measure the unique electrical signature (PinPrint) of components. The information collected is managed through a database and is used to compare known good devices against suspect components. SENTRY can easily detect missing or incorrect dies, lack of bond wires, inaccurate pin outs and pin impedance variations. Simple pass or fail results are returned after testing. SENTRY does not require any knowledge of electronics to use it efficiently. For in-depth analysis, PinPrints can be reviewed and full reports can be generated. The SENTRY software also offers options for customization and the ability to store essential documentation such as photos, PDF datasheets, web pages and images.  SENTRY is able to accommodate virtually all types of components, from simple two pin devices to more complex packages such as BGA. A range of standard and universal adapters is available and custom designs can also be supplied. In order to ensure consistency throughout the whole supply chain, SENTRY is designed to support data sharing. PinPrints of a given component can be shared between users, from the OEM through to the distributor and end user.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Apsin's 26G Battery-powered RF Signal Generator

This video describes the AnaPico Apsin 26G 100kHz - 26GHz signal generator: - with sophisticated modulation, fast switching - and battery-power to field use. Swiss-made advanced technology allows a 0.001 Hz frequency resolution, fast switching, excellent phase noise and a high power output. APSIN26G operates with an ultra-stable temperature compensated 100 MHz reference (OCXO) and can be phase-locked to any external reference from 1 to 250 MHz. #signalgenerator #rf

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Series 5 Spectrum Analyzers are great for wireless system setup and debug!

Saelig's latest video describes the virtues of AIM-TTi PSA Series 5 RF Spectrum Analyzers for solving RF issues; please check it out!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

EMI Shielded Tents

We just got back from a  visit with our local supplier of state-of-the-art EMI-shielded enclosures.  The photo below shows a portable 10 x 10 EZ-up tent that's just been completed.  Note the EMI-proof ventilation tube on the side.  Custom plates for specific filtered I/O connections with internal instruments under test are usually at the rear of the tent.  Internal LED lights, double-wall structure and ventilation are all popular options.  They can be made from table-top size right up to one they also just completed that's 32' tall.  They can be processed in a Class 100 cleanroom for medical and electronics applications.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Thursday, January 8, 2015

January 2015 Newsletter has some great news!

17 Features, 8 New Products, and a Useful Book For A Penny!

Our January eNewsletter is out!

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