Thursday, August 26, 2010

Do You Tweet?

I'm not sure how valuable Twitter is yet. Some people use it for telling you what they had for breakfast (why do I care?). Dan Evans - our Sales Manager - has a slightly different philosophy for our fledgling Twitter efforts - create content that's of interest, but not self-serving, for our "followers". Here's a viral website that creates controversy to generate followers - The Oatmeal.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Digital Inspection Microscope

We've just received a lot of response to our newsletter mention of our new Digital Inspection Microscope. This is a tool we use for inspecting returned circuit boards and equipment, allowing to see tiny defects. So we made this product available to our customerbase too! See You can see how it works on this video - it just plugs into a USB port and off you go!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New oscilloscopes

We’ve just introduced two new benchtop scopes from Owon – PDS8102T (100 MHz) and PDS8202T (200 MHz). These low-cost 2-channel scopes sample at 1 Gsa/s and 2 GSa/s respectively, and are packed with useful features normally only seen on higher-end DSOs including video trigger, auto-measurements, large 8" full color LCD display, XY Mode, auto-set, averaging, math functions, USB output, waveform storage, 3-year warranty, etc. Even FFT functionality is included for seeing spectrum information, as well as Autoscaling and Trigger Holdoff. The record length is a huge 2M data points, which allows great depth for investigating fast, intermittent pulses.

See here for more details: New Owon Scopes