Tuesday, August 23, 2016

USB Oscilloscopes from Pro to Hobbyist (review by Martin Rowe EETimes):

 Martin Rowe of  EETimes reviewed PC-based oscilloscopes from 16 different companies in an article titled "USB Oscilloscopes from Pro to Hobbyist  " ()

He states that the ubiquitous USB port has given rise to an entire industry of connected test equipment. Most notably - oscilloscopes. In this article he presents products from 16 companies that make what used to be called "PC-based" oscilloscopes, defined as those that require an external computer for display and control.  It's not a comprehensive list, with just one or two models per company, generally the lowest cost and highest performance models. He provides some basic specifications and prices in a table that you can download, but there are many more specs to consider when choosing a USB oscilloscope. For example:
  • Triggers
  • Waveform memory
  • Data recording
  • Math
  • Serial bus decoding
The products are divided into five groups based on price. 

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