Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Counterfeit Chip Detection - the easy way!

What are counterfeit components ? Counterfeit [koun-ter-fit] Adj. : made in imitation so as to be passed off fraudulently or deceptively as genuine.The manufacture of counterfeit (or fake) components is an illegal process that emerged due to the transferable value of electronics parts. Any company in the world requiring components to manufacture Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) is at risk and many have already received batches of “bad” devices.
Counterfeiting is achieved through various processes. Devices known as “pulls” are removed from scrap boards (which have been discarded) in a process that is highly unsafe. Following superficial repairs, these devices are branded with (ir)relevant information - including a manufacturer’s logo - and passed on to an unwary buyer as genuine. Another technique is to actually produce components using the normal manufacturing capabilities in “ghost shifts” which take place outside of standard hours. However, the chips created that way include many manufacturing faults and some may not even contain a silicon die.Unfortunately, it is not possible to differentiate counterfeit components until they are placed on a PCB and the production team runs the first tests on the complete assembly. This leads to the costly process of identifying the component(s) at fault and then removing them from all boards in production. In some cases, complete batches of finished products need to be recalled to the factory.
In the last five years, reports of counterfeit components have increased exponentially. In 2008, export of fake ICs accounted for more than 8% of global merchandise trade which is equivalent to lost sales of $6 Billion.

The ABI SENTRY is a unique solution for the quick and easy detection of Counterfeit ICs and components. ABI Electronics' Sentry offers a simple and easy to use system that can be operated by any personnel, and particularly non-technical staff. It automatically detects counterfeit devices - protecting a business from very high unexpected costs.

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