Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Our Panel Approves of This ...

Do you need high quality, economical digital panel meters for industrial control panels and equipment? 

Reliable display instruments, with clear and sharp readability, in a variety of sizes, digits, colors, signal capabilities, and options are now available from Saelig Company. Our European supplier, Amplicon, can provide a wide range of 1/8 DIN 3-to-6 digit displays and miniature digital panel meters to suit a variety of applications and space limitations.

The range includes panel meters which can display AC or DC volts, current (including 4-20mA), temperature, timing/counting, load cell and strain gauge readings, and BCD inputs. 

In the analog world these meters can work with signals from Pt100/RTD probes, thermocouples, process signals, AC voltages and currents (True-RMS) from X/5 current transformers, DC voltages and currents from shunts, batteries and tachometric dynamos, signals from potentiometers, resistances, load cells, etc. From the digital world these meters accept impulse signals for cumulative or instant reading, serial ASCII code (RS232, RS485, ...) and BCD parallel code. 
Panel Meter

Amplicon's in-house configuration service can even supply panel meters which are pre-set for your specific application, making it easier for you to simply install and use. Call 888-772-3544 or email for more details and pricing. 

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