Thursday, April 21, 2016

ABI's System 8 PCB Repair System is keeping LEGO’s fun-making machines working. Case study here:

LEGO® Case study | Plastic Industry

ABI Electronics, proudly keeping LEGO’s fun-making machines working.
Picture: Entrance to LEGO’s manufacturing plant in Monterrey (Mexico) in 2013.
The world’s most famous toy manufacturer, LEGO®, is headquartered in Denmark and operates manufacturing sites in Hungary, Czech Republic and Mexico, producing a staggering 36 billion plastic bricks per year. The demand for LEGO® products has reached record levels in 2014-15, putting the existing manufacturing plants under pressure.
ABI BoardMaster 7Bay
ABI BoardMaster 7 Bay External case
ABI's BoardMaster was first acquired by the LEGO’s manufacturing plant in Monterrey (Mexico) in 2013, with the aim of taking control of their electronics maintenance of the plant’s 650 plastic injection and molding machines. The external repair services they used had been disappointing and slow. Following the implementation of the BoardMaster as well as other initiatives, the Monterrey plant jumped from 3rd to 1st place in productivity, achieving global recognition and setting a new standard within the LEGO® Group.
LEGO Engineer quote
LEGO machinery
LEGO’s moulding machines in Monterrey (Mexico).
ABI's TestFlow software helped them establish a systematic internal repair strategy for all their driver and controller cards used in multiple molding machines. The TestFlow sequences played an important role in drastically reducing repair turnaround and the stocking of new and expensive PCBs used as spare parts.
LEGO Engineer responsibility
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