Friday, April 29, 2016

Forklift trucks need Picoscopes too!

Sometimes it's hard to convince folks about the value of investing in testgear to solve problems quicker.  Forklift truck maintenance is a case in point.

Oscilloscopes may be outside the experience of truck service technicians - but a Picscope can do everything a multimeter does but so much more.  It "makes electric signals - both voltage and current - visible".  You can see what's happening and save the files for later use.  Using a WPS600 pressure transducer allows you to test hydraulics too. High voltage testing can be done safely too with the right probes.  And all the software and video training is free!  Now you can test any sensor before you wastefully replace it.  

Here's a video of compression testing a Hyster S60FT Forklift Truck with a Picoscope 4425 oscilloscope.

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