Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Imagine if you could simultaneously charge and sync……

by  (Cambrionix)   

Imagine you have multiple devices such as tablets which all need regular charging and syncing with data.  How do you manage all of these devices?  Most people have to plug the tablets in to charge them enough to last through the synchronisation process.  They then have to be manually switched to sync mode.  Once the sync has then finished, the ports have to be manually switched back to charge mode.  This is a lot of waiting around.  A lot of wasted time.  Now imagine you could charge your devices while syncing them.  Think of how much time you’d save!
The clever engineers at Cambrionix have listened and created ChaSync.  For those who are wondering, ‘ChaSync’ is the amalgamation of ‘charge’ and ‘sync’, the two happening simultaneously, merging into one word.  Rather fitting really.
iPad pile
Photographer: Nan Palmero | Source: Flickr
How can I get this?   ChaSync is incorporated into the firmware on Cambrionix multi-port USB, universal charge and sync boards and products (such as the PP15S and the U16S).  It enables charging in sync mode for all compatible devices.  These devices are essentially most of the smart devices which have been released in recent years, including (but not limited to) Google Nexus devices and Apple iDevices with lightning connectors.  Through the presence of ChaSync, you no longer have to choose which mode you want, you can have charge and sync mode simultaneously.  This doesn’t only minimise the time you need to spend with the devices, but also the time the device needs to be attached to a cable.  In addition, it also minimises the complexity of the operation.
If you have an older with a 30-pin connector, sadly ChaSync will not work.  Don’t worry though, Cambrionix hasn’t forgotten you.  In conjunction to ChaSync, the engineers created an app called ChaSync+.  This app is for OS X and is downloadable from our website.  This app will sit in the background of the Mac, waiting for an older iDevice to be attached to a port of one of our products.  When ChaSync+ detects one of these devices, it kicks in, enabling charging to happen in sync mode.  To quote our website, “This brings the benefits of being able to charge and synchronise data simultaneously to these older Apple devices while they are attached to a Cambrionix universal charging product.”

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