Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Cambrionix 16 Port Universal Charge/Sync Board (U16S)

The U16S is a universal charge and sync board allowing multiple devices to be charged simultaneously. The U16S can charge nearly any type of USB device - from tablets and mobile phones to MP3’s, e-readers, 3D Glasses, etc. The board can also synchronize the attached devices through a terminal interface saving the user time, and allowing the board to be controlled and monitored. 
Whether you are in the Mac person or PC world, the U16S is perfect for use in Schools, Libraries, Charging Kiosks, Hotels and Restaurants, Conference centres and Airline lounges… anywhere where customer services could be further enhanced by offering universal charging facilities.
If, for example, in a school or university, and you need to sync data to a large number of tablets, then the U16S enables you to do this quickly and efficiently.  All that needs to be done is to plug them into the U16S and then use your preferred software (such as Apple Configurator for iPads).   While the tablets are being synced, through the power of ChaSync, the tablets will also charge at the same time.  This reduces the length of time that they would otherwise need to be plugged in - to both sync and charge them fully.
The future-proof design of the U16S insures that even if you upgrade or buy additional devices in the future, you’ll always be able to charge and sync them through the U16S (the latest firmware is always available through our updater).
The U16S can also be linked to an LCD display, or LEDs, to provide visual indication of individual port and battery status. Security can be enabled to trigger an audible or visual alarm if the devices are unplugged from the U16S.
For cart & case manufacturers, the U16S component accelerates your time to market in all charge / sync developments. The Low-cost and high performance of the U16S will help you expand your product portfolio into these new and fast-growing markets.

The U16S unit can be easily customized for unique use with an option to re-brand the firmware updater application and LCD text. The options available allow you to use an off-the-shelf product, and at the same time, offer a product designed to meet the individual needs of your clients and customers.


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