Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Interesting Video: “Using #Picoscope 4425 To Test #Automotive Ignition Waveforms for #Autorepair”

Video:  “Using #Picoscope 4425 To Test #Automotive Ignition Waveforms for #autorepair”  http://bit.ly/1VRwQkj

Mechanic Enrique Osorio says: "I prefer the Pico over the Snap-On Scopes simply because the Pico is just as powerful as the scopes Snap-On makes but costs significantly less. The cost is difference is huge once you add on accessories.

You can get the new standard kit from Saelig that comes with a 4-channel oscilloscope and lots of leads, probes and accessories for not much money! 

See http://www.saelig.com/category/ADE.htm 

PicoScope 4425 4-Ch Standard Diagnostic Kit (PP923)

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