Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Involved in RF Safety? Environmental RF Monitoring? RF Regulatory Certification? EMC Precompliance Testing?

You need our newly-announced EMC TD RFP Smart Fieldmeter® Kits! Designed for budget-conscious RF engineers, they offer professional quality, calibrated measurmenets that are as easy to make as with a multimeter!  Now you can make precision EM field measurements – simply!

EMC TD Kits can make accurate, calibrated RF field strength measurements 0.2MHz to 18GHz.

The kits contain:       calibrated field strength meter
calibrated Omnifield Antenna®
6” table tripod

Evaluate/measure EM fields from: AM/FM/TV, GSM, cellphones, microwave ovens, RFID antennas.
Use in GTEM cells for the EMC testing.

Average/Peak/ Pulse monitoring is available for measuring steady state as well as modulated fields.
Lightweight design, with a long lasting battery, and with a detachable calibrated isotropic probe.

Set 1 (0.2MHz – 3GHz; 0.2 – 600V/m) + RFP-04 Digital RF Meter
Set 2 (3.0 MHz – 18.0GHz; 0.8 – 800V/m) + RFP-04 Digital RF Meter
Set 3 (3.0 MHz – 18.0GHz; 0.8 – 800V/m) + RFP-05M Graphical RF Meter.   

Applications: RF safety, environmental RF monitoring, RF regulatory certification, EMC precompliance testing, etc.  Designed and manufactured in USA by EMC Test Design, LLC 

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