Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Rigol's New Z Plus Oscilloscopes

Recently, our supplier of high quality oscilloscopes Rigol Technology, realized that having separate oscilloscope ranges for analog signals and analog+digital signals was a problem for “analog-only” customers wanting to later add digital capabilities.  So their solution was to redesign their award-winning –Z scope range and add an MSO socket on the front of the scope so that customers could add the MSO capability later when needed.

So the newly-designated Rigol DS1000Z Plus Oscilloscopes - available in 70MHz and 100MHz versions - are now “MSO Ready” with the later purchase of an upgrade. These 4-channel digital oscilloscopes now offer the flexibility to add mixed signal capabilities (16 digital channels) simply by ordering the MSO upgrade kit (RPL1116 Logic Probe Package). All of the Z Plus scopes offer 4 channels and 1GSa/s real-time sample rate. A huge 12Mpts of memory comes standard, as does the innovative "UltraVision" technology (*see below).

What Rigol didn’t make an option in this redesign, however, was the built-in 2 channel 25MHz waveform Generator – so if you need that capability, you still need to order a separate version the –S versions.

Additional options for the Z Plus range include:

1)      More memory (adds another 12Mpts)

2)      Advanced Trigger Option

3)      Waveform record and Play 

4)      Serial decoding / Trigger Option 

5)      Many types of probes

These affordable oscilloscopes have set new standards for price/performance, are compact, easy-to-use, and packed with useful features. Designated the “Z-Plus” range, the DS1074-Plus (70MHz), the DS1074-S-Plus (70MHz w 25MHz signal generator), the DS1104-Plus (100MHz), the (100MHz w 25MHz signal generator) are available now. The 50MHz DS1054Z remains unchanged and does not have the front-panel MSO capability.

*But just what is “UltraVision”? This Rigol patented architecture includes specialized hardware which allows finding errors in signals faster and makes analyzing them more exact. A central role is played by the deep data memory, which allows finer data acquisition. Rigol’s UltraVision technology is based on the interaction between specialized onboard components and intelligent software. The A/D converter data is handled by a dedicated Sampling-Controller. The large memory is directly connected to this controller, so data storage is done without loading or burdening the oscilloscope’s CPU. Waveform displays are also accomplished with a dedicated Waveform-Plotter component. Also this is done without increase the work load of the CPU, making for faster operation. In addition, UltraVision provides an intelligent Record-function, which combines intelligent triggering with efficient data storage. This means that only important and relevant events are stored in the available memory.

Need more information?  Check out our website here or call our Tech Support Manager Al MacRobbie (Option 2 when you call 1-888-7SAELIG or 585-385-1750) – he loves to talk technical to our customers, advising them on what best suits their needs!

Happy designing!

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