Friday, May 6, 2016

Disney Extends the Magic in the Kingdom with IoT and the Magic Band project

EBN Magazine just had an interesting article ( about how they are using IoT/RFID for improving their customer experience.  They're all about customer experience - and money!

The Magic Band project ramped up to 1,000 people by its rollout in 2014, and spent $ 1 Billion by installing sensors throughout the park, RFID readers in the room keys of all of the hotels, all of the back-end software and infrastructure, and training its staff on how to use the system.  For $12.99, each user gets a stylish waterproof wristband that inside is equipped with an RFID sensor, a Bluetooth Low-Energy chip, and a two-year battery.  Everyone in your party will have their own band, matched to their name and parent's name if applicable, and of course, credit card with a PIN.  The Magic Band acts as:
  • Entry ticket to the park
  • Secure ID, since the band will be matched to you by a finger-print scan
  • Entry to all rides and linked to your online account of Fast Passes and special offers
  • Room key
  • Payment method for anything in the Disney resort (everything takes the Magic Band)
  • Location tracker, both for internal park logistics planning, but also presumably helpful if your child is lost
  • Link to Photo pass accounts
There are obvious enormous opportunities to grow revenue and to also reduce costs by maximizing efficiency.

Source: Disney

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