Tuesday, May 31, 2016


The recent IEEE Microwave Show in San Francisco's Moscone Center gave an excellent opportunity for me to meet with nine of our suppliers in one place: Owon, Windfreak, Telemakus, Triarchy, Rigol, Siglent, AnaPico/Berkeley, Teledyne LeCroy, and Pico Technology, as well as some customers who had booths. 

In addition to its value-priced oscilloscopes and powers supplies, Own demoed some new handheld DMMs that link with iPads etc. They feature datalogging; data can be downloaded later via BT. 

TRIARCHY - showed some as-yet unavailable products in metal housings and discussed plenty of product ideas for their future.  Their RF modules - spectrum analyzers and vector signal generators - are ideal for incorporation in larger products.

RIGOL - exhibited their complete range of high quality oscilloscopes, as well as some nice-looking new Nearfield Probes at $499 to go with their DSA range of spectrum analyzers.  

WINDFREAK: The new (not yet released) SynthHD PRO will be based on the SynthHD but with a few updates: improved calibration for higher amplitude accuracy; re-calibrate at the Windfreak factory when needed or self-calibrate; milled aluminum case for better electrical performance and use in more rugged environments;70uS frequency step time (option) and even higher amplitude accuracy later in 2016; CE certification; easy stackability.  Price will be ~$2,000. 

ANAPICO/BERKELEY - have a new fast-switching unit that suit the radar market. 

TELEMAKUS also has a new product coming: an RF step attenuator in new larger aluminum housing that can simulate RF fading.  They have a potential customer for 50 pc orders!  Some of their products work on Ubuntu version of Linux.  All load in Windows as HID (human interface device) so drivers are already in Windows.  Telemakus RF modules can mix-and-match to make a custom RF test set-up that is GUI-driven and easy to use.

SIGLENT was showing the XPlus scopes that are MSO-ready, and spectrum analyzers - with hints of new products in the pipeline ... 

TELEDYNE LECROY showed not only the product range of high quality oscilloscopes we carry, but also very high-end, high-cost products too.

Next year the show is in Hawaii, but last time it was there - six years ago - this location brought fewer visitors and exhibitors.

I rounded my trip off with visits to the Google and Apple HQs.

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