Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Packaging optimization through transport simulation

MSR165 Data Logger measures g-forces for Talos, packaging service provider

British company Talos is enabling its customers to find out how they can optimize transportation and packaging of its products and alleviate the negative impact of knocks and shocks. Talos uses the MSR165 shock and vibration data logger from MSR Electronics GmbH to measure the g-forces.

The TX1001 Transport Simulation Tests are tailored to the specific requirements of the client and are designed to alleviate the negative impact that shocks and vibrations have on products during transportation. MSR165 data loggers placed on the pallet allow vibrations and shocks to be monitored and then replicate the larger movements to see how the pallet is impacted. Source: Talos Their revolutionary TX1001 Transport Simulator lets companies simulate road conditions in-house, allowing them to explore how and why their product transportation can be improved. The MSR165 data logger from MSR Electronics GmbH, which is used to program this machine, is an essential component of this simulation service. The data logger is capable of making 1600 acceleration measurements per second in all three axes. Shock monitoring is possible up to ±15 g or up to ±200 g, 32 measurement values are recorded even before the event takes place. The installed memory is capable of storing over 2 million measured values which is sufficient for more than 10 000 shocks. A microSD card (≥4GB) can be used to increase the capacity of the data logger to over 1 billion measurement values. The collection and analysis of recorded measured data is effected by help of the MSR PC software. All measurement parameters can be rapidly transferred from the logger to a PC via USB connection.

Mirror real-life road conditions

The MSR165 data logger has allowed Talos to measure the g-force felt during road travel and then replicate this force in order imitate how the pallet is impacted by these movements. The force measurements attained across the x, y and z axes provide Talos with invaluable data which is fed into the Transport Simulator, without these readings, it would not be possible to mirror real-life road conditions. Liam Formaniuk, Marketing Manager at Talos stated: “The product is unique and extremely useful, we could not provide this service without it. Once the relevant data has been collected, the interface during subsequent analysis is extremely user-friendly and allows us to make full use of our findings.”

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