Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Rolls Royce? Who knew!

The electronics on Rolls-Royce's aerospace propulsion systems are supported in the UK and abroad by ABI's BoardMaster. ABI's state of the art electronic troubleshooting hardware & software delivers outstanding value and provides the flexibility needed to support complex repair operations managed from the company's multinational offices. #Repairdontwaste 
PCB REPAIR PRODUCTS from ABI Electronics are fast-to-learn, suit most electronics technologies, minimize your equipment downtime, and fight obsolescence - all at an affordable price!  Create functioning test programs quickly!  More economical than other solutions, ABI equipment pays for itself quickly, and keeps equipment running longer. Relied on worldwide by armed forces, transport, education, and other maintenance facilities, full hands-on, on-site training can be provided if requested. Rapid and local test requirements, the detection of counterfeit devices, together with increasing financial pressures and performance goals, all increase the demands for efficient maintenance, safe operation, and equipment availability.  ABI has your solution!
Electronic Products Repaired – Fast!  
Need a solution which tests and finds electronic system faults quickly? Which can keep circuits working, extending product life, and help eliminate obsolescence and lack of documentation?  For over 40 years ABI Electronics has designed, manufactured and marketed automatic test equipment for supporting and maintaining products that incorporate electronics PCBs.
ABI Electronics products can assist  … whoever you are.  Whether it’s Mass Transit, Defense, or Industry - with profits and funding eroding and severe consequences for equipment failure, the efficient and reliable maintenance of electronic circuits over their working life is vital for modern systems. Many of the world's largest transit organizations, military, and manufacturers rely on ABI Electronics for testing, repair and support of their electronic modules in trains and trackside equipment, including SNCF (France), Metro Sao Paulo (Brazil) and other members of the Latin American Alamys group. 
ABI products can keep your electronics working – close to where they are used, saving time and costs. For safety issues: PCBs can be tested for full confidence, and improved reliability.  Products can have their life extended through regular maintenance – cheaper in-house! Fast turnaround times are now possible for repairs by less-skilled technicians, saving money and time for high value electronic circuits
Benefits of using ABI Electronics products:
  • Shorter repair times, inventory reductions and cost savings
  • Accepted by major rail suppliers around the world
  • Improves safety and extends operational life
  • Repairs and testing can be done by less qualified personnel
  • Supports third party and obsolete equipment
Self-maintaining complex, high-value electronic systems require a reliable service provider.  With over 30 years' experience in the test and repair of electronic circuits, ABI Electronics can create and even custom-design the right solution for you.
ISO9000-2001 certified ABI Electronics is a leading manufacturer of test, measurement and fault diagnosis equipment with direct applications in R&D, repair, manufacture, test and education.  Manufacturers worldwide use ABI Electronics test equipment. 
ABI Electronics offers a wide range of products, starting with the flagship BoardMaster 8000 PLUS as a versatile, self-contained and easy-to-use board test system. It offers a comprehensive set of test instruments for fault-finding on almost any kind of PCBs and allows users to generate test sequences. The System 8 Range makes use of a design versatility by offering any combination of the modules found in the BoardMaster 8000 PLUS. The CircuitMaster 4000M simplifies the safe probing of fine pitch PCBs and reduces measurement set-up time.   The JTAGMaster can test, fault-find and program complex PCB assemblies with JTAG ports, including QFPs and BGAs.  The unique RevEng Schematic Learning System generates professional schematics from a sample board. And the award-winning SENTRY Counterfeit IC Detector solves the supply-chain problem of counterfeit components.

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