Friday, May 19, 2017

PICO PicoLog 1012 10-bit 12-Channel Datalogger (PP546) Logs Data!

The PicoLog 1012 Multi-Channel DAQ is a 10-bit 12-channel datalogger designed to meet the needs of a wide range of general-purpose voltage, sensor and transducer logging applications.  It features independent software-configurable scaling and control outputs, an external terminal board for custom front-end circuitry and 2 output channels. Logging at up to 1 MSa/s sample rate, it is USB connected and powered.  Data acquisition software and SDK is included
The PicoLog 1000 Series is the result of a distinguished lineage that goes back to the release of our first multi-channel data logger — the ADC-11 — in 1993. The original ADC-11, and its successor the USB ADC-11, proved to be the perfect choice for users wanting a low-cost way to measure and record multiple signals. The PicoLog 1000 Series builds on this success to give you the same low-cost data acquisition but with greater power and performance. (Because the ADC-11 was so popular we’ve also added a USB ADC-11 compatibility mode which allows you to use your PicoLog 1000 logger as a direct replacement to the USB ADC-11.) 

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