Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Award-winning Pico Automotive Test Kits

Pico Automotive Test Kits are comprehensive kits for testing all aspects of car performance – is now available in four versions to suit most users. Pico Automotive Test Kit  can be used to measure and test virtually all of the electrical and electronic components and circuits in modern vehicles including: Ignition (primary & secondary); injectors & fuel pumps; starter & charging circuits; ABS sensors; crank & cam sensors; lambda, airflow, knock & MAP sensors, glow plugs; timer relays; relative compression tests.

Whether you are an enthusiast, weekend mechanic, automotive technician or vehicle manufacturer our vehicle diagnostics equipment will help you to save time and money. Our award-winning automotive oscilloscopes work with any bike, car or truck and make it easier — and faster — for you to find faults. With the increasing number of sensors, actuators and electronic circuits found on today’s vehicles an automotive oscilloscope (also known as a ‘lab scope’) is the one tool that will make it faster and easier for you to diagnose vehicle faults - using an affordable and easy-to-use range of automotive oscilloscopes. 

Designed purely for use in automotive applications, Pico automotive oscilloscopes combine the performance and features you would expect from the market leader in PC oscilloscope technology, at a price you can afford. The latest — and most popular — automotive oscilloscopes are the PicoScope 4000 Series. Available in both 2 and 4-channel versions, the PicoScope 4000 Series are compatible with CAN bus, LIN bus and the new FlexRay standards. automotive softwareYou can purchase a PicoScope automotive oscilloscope on its own, or as part of an Automotive Diagnostics Kit. These simple to use kits contain everything you need to turn your PC into a powerful automotive diagnostic tool. PicoScope Automotive Software is a powerful PC-based easy-to-use software package to control your PicoScope lab scope. Once you have a PicoScope lab scope you can also make use of PicoDiagnostics software for a complete engine health check. With just a simple connection to the battery you can perform a cylinder balance test, detect misfires and carry out a compression test. The results are displayed in a bargraph that can easily be understood by both you and your customer. The growing range of accessories includes products such as Mixmaster which lets you view an ignition parade display of up to 12 cylinders, coil-on-plug extension leads and our pressure transducer. We also have a range of software, books and videos to help with vehicle diagnostics.

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