Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Using Wireless Modules Instead of a Do-It-Yourself Design

Martin Keenan (Technical Manager for Avnet Abacus) in Electropages (http://bit.ly/2h6Aby3) makes some good points about buying a ready-made radio module instead of designing a wireless block yourself.  Though his comments are aimed at the Murata range of modules, the concept applies equally to others like ours here.

433 MHz Modules

He writes: "As wireless connectivity is becoming the norm in all electronic devices, and even electrical appliances, the range of modules available on the market is expanding. There are many benefits to using a wireless module versus doing your own discrete design for any widely adopted protocol such as WiFi or Bluetooth.  While this has always been true for low volume designs, even high volume designs are now taking advantage of wireless modules (for example, Apple’s iPhone 7 was revealed to use a Murata WiFi/Bluetooth module in a recent teardown). Here are our top five reasons why modules offer a better solution.

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