Thursday, December 29, 2016

Laplace Instruments Products: FaulTracker FTR

Laplace Instruments Products: FaulTracker FTR

A powerful fault finding tool for complex electrical systems.

The FTR FaulTracker is a recorder/monitor specifically designed to check the operation of electrical control equipment. It is ideal for the 'capture' of those frustrating intermittent situations where problems only occur briefly, but can have serious consequences.

The FTR can be connected to up to 16 points in the system to be monitored, the inputs accepting anything from low voltage DC to 265V ac without any adjustment. The FTR monitors these inputs in terms of ON/OFF status, and will record any changes (events) in these inputs with millisecond accuracy. The recording can be of many days or weeks duration  Subsequently, these events can be replayed, one step at a time either on the built-in display or on a PC via the included serial port and included Windows application software.

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