Monday, September 12, 2016

#RaspberryPi hits 10-million boards shipped!

Since we at Saelig sell an industrial version of the ever-popular #RaspberryPi single board computer, this article in EETimes caught my attention:

An event held at the UK Houses of Parliament on 8th September 2016 marked the shipment of the 10-millionth Raspberry Pi compute board, across all of the generations since it initial launch and conception as a tool for encouraging young minds to get into the coding mindset.  Chris Breslin, Chief Product Officer at element14 commented: “This has been an incredible journey. The Raspberry Pi began as something special for the education and maker market. Now, the Raspberry Pi has been embraced by industry ...”
Cumulative sales total for Raspberry Pi products has now reached 10 million units, further cementing its position as the best-selling British computer ever.

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