Friday, September 16, 2016

Everyone's heard of I2C - but what's I3C??? MIPI???

EETimes recently wrote:

The MIPI Alliance has started work on a standard interface for touch screens using its emerging I3C interconnect announced earlier this year. MIPI Touch, described at a developer’s conference here, aims to simplify work for engineers who currently support a handful of proprietary approaches.

The interface includes a standard command set for relaying messages between the application processor and other touch components. It aims to replace a variety of approaches using I2C and SPI links the group claims are not well optimized for mobile systems

The spec, now in a draft to contributors, is expected to be ratified sometime next year. It is being developed by companies including Intel, NXP, Qualcomm, Samsung and Synaptics.

It’s not clear if potential users such as Apple and their vendors will support the effort. In the iPhone 6, Apple used a touchscreen controller from Broadcom and a line driver from Texas Instruments, according to a teardown by TechInsights. Apple is a contributing member of MIPI, but Broadcom is not a member.

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