Friday, July 22, 2016

Exploring USB Type-C

Free ebook! Exploring USB Type-C: How this tiny connector will enter a billion homes.

There is a great deal of buzz around the new USB Type-C connector and the USB Power Delivery (PD) specification. Industry leaders like Intel, Google, and Apple are leading the way integrating these technologies in their products like the Mac books or the Chrome books. This connector will soon find its way into other consumer products like Smartphone, and many other accessory products. Like in the past where USB slowly replaced legacy ports, USB Type-C will slowly replace most of the connectors on your PCs or Notebooks. This is because this next generation technology is powerful and flexible allowing multiple other functionalities to use the USB signal lines. 

This new Type-C connector along with the USB Power Delivery can bring in the following changes to an end user: 

• Ease of Use - No orientation for plugging the cable, No more OTG 
• High Power - Up to 20/5A over a USB port 
• High Speed - USB speed up to 10 Gbps 
• Less Cables - Multiple functionality support in a single port 
• Secure - Authentication 
• Quality - Intelligent Cable, Signal Quality 

This book provides a bootstrap session on how this new technology can seamlessly integrate into the existing USB ecosystem and also how it can integrate into new ecosystems and create new markets. 

Who is this book for? 

This book is for any engineering enthusiast who would like to understand a brief overview of the new USB Type-C and the USB Power Delivery specifications and also understand how different devices can integrate USB Type-C. 

What you will learn? 

• Learn about different ecosystems that can adapt USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery 
• Learn what impact the new connector can bring in existing devices 
• Learn how new devices and ecosystem could emerge with the new connector. 
• Learn the new ecosystem with different use cases. 

And it's free!

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