Thursday, July 21, 2016

5 main advantages of using virtual instruments for testing

ABI Electronic's blog recently said:  "Using instruments for routine processes in electronics testing can be sometimes tedious and overwhelming. The advantage of using virtual instrumentation is that we can program the system to automate what we do or even better, make us do it faster."

1. Eliminate human mistakes.
Manual repetitive tests are difficult to carry out without a mistake. When you automate measurements, you can prevent mistakes and make sure that measurements are always correct.
 2. It saves time.
Many tests require repetitive measurements through a wide range of values. With virtual instrumentation you can to automate these tests to finish quicker, and there's no need to be physically present or to configure the instruments for each measurement.
 3. Create a test & measurement virtual rack.
ABI's TestFlow software can perfectly fit in with several types of instruments, so you can coordinate signals and automate complex tasks - easily create your own test-bench with all the required instruments working together and configured to give a PASS/FAIL result.
4. Create and customize Reports and Analysis.
At the end of each test, detailed reports can be printed, covering the measurements taken.  They can be configured to show the time taken for the repair, as well as giving details about the components that failed. This is normally very useful in order to track the number of failures and having a thorough understanding of the weaknesses of an electronic design.
5. Develop intelligent tests.
Create automated tests by programming the values and configurations of each instrument to perform different actions or measurements according to the results obtained. With the TestFlow philosophy, a step by step sequence can be used with the same instrument with different configurations as many times as you need.

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