Friday, July 11, 2014

Digital Datalogger LOGStorm Adds Protocol Decoding

Byteparadigm’s Logic Analyzer, High-speed Digital Data Logger and I²C / SPI Analyzer now includes fast SPI / I²C protocol decoding
on up to 20 serial lines, display results on-screen within waveforms. This versatile USB device for digital system analysis samples at up to 100MSa/s and can be used as a simple 20 bit logic analyzer with large 8MSa storage memory. Unique features include: data logger capability, with ‘always-on’/gigabyte-range data recording to PC; hardware data qualification / data filtering capabilities usually found on high-end logic analyzers. Data filtering / data qualification is most helpful in drilling down to essential digital clues when debugging and troubleshooting embedded systems with more complex chips running at higher speeds. The debugging process is like an investigation: you collect an array of evidences and progressively ‘narrow down’ to the source of the problem. Two filtering options are available with LOG Storm Studio: 1) Fixed length: it defines a START condition and a CAPTURE length. It also foresees a pre-fetch option for capturing data before the START condition;  2)  Variable length: it defines a START condition and a STOP condition. This type of capture includes pre-fetch and post-fetch options for capturing data before the START and after the STOP conditions.  In addition, both types of capture include an ‘ENABLE’ option that defines which data must be captured.  More here:

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