Thursday, July 24, 2014

50% off AWGs!!

AIM-TTi recently made some small changes to their high-quality TGxx11 Arbitrary Signal Generators.  We have a few of the existing models in stock and have reduced the prices dramatically – by 50%!  TG2511 is a 25MHz Function/Pulse/Arbitrary Generator, USB/LXI Reg. $1,239.56 Sale! $575; and the TG5011 is a 50MHz Function/Pulse/Arbitrary Generator, USB/LXI Reg. $1,397.00 Sale! $675.00.  The TGxx11 series from AIM-TTi offers a remarkable price-performance ratio for any DDS function generator available. It offers high quality sine and square waves up to 25MHz, noise generation, complex wave-shapes, true pulse generator mode with variable rise and fall times, and 128K word arbitrary waveforms. Extensive internal and external modulation capabilities include AM, FM, PM, PWM & FSK using any wave-shape (including noise). Full remote control facilities are available using USB or LXI compliant LAN.  Arbitrary waveforms can be saved and loaded via a front mounted USB flash drive socket.


TG2511 25MHz Function, Arbitrary & Pulse Generator

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