Friday, May 16, 2014

Test Equipment For Universities and Schools

TestEquipment For Universities and Schools

Now is the time of year that university lab managers are planning to upgrade and increase their equipment and capabilities.  Here are some of our offerings:

Best Priced Oscilloscopes  We have an extremely broad, unique scope selection from manufacturers all over the world - from low-end scope-in-a-probe devices to 7instruments-in-1 toolbox essentials, to high-end 16-bit 12GHz TDR units; from standalone, economical LCD scopes, to sophisticated 4-channel bench-top ‘workhorses’; educational starter scopes that include teaching experiments, to high-end mixed signal scopes with logic analysis capabilities for sophisticated glitch triggering and deep memory depth searching for rare events. Rigol, Owon, GWInstek
Signal Generators - unique selection of high-quality signal generators to suit almost any budget, from low-cost bench signal sources (Aim-TTi, Syscomp,) to Arbitrary Waveform Generators (Rigol, Owon, GWInstek).
RF Test - we offer 3/6GHz Spectrum Analyzers with tracking generators, 3GHz handheld spectrum analyzers, RF signal sources and signal quality analyzers, USB RF test modules, as well as EMI-proof enclosures.
Power Supplies  -  we offer a wide choice of simple “wall-wart” supplies for low-voltage/low-current needs, and more complex benchtop supplies with single or multiple outputs, programmable supplies, flexible current/voltage supplies with multiple communication options with output up to 800W.
Multimeters   - economical handheld meters, DVMs with USB-connectivity, bench-top 4 ½ and 5 ½ digit LAN capabilities.
Automotive      -  affordable kits to diagnose many automotive and electrical system issues with diagnostics kits from Pico Technology.  Pico’s award-winning Automotive Diagnostic Kits make fault diagnosis is fast, accurate, and ideal for all makes and models of motor vehicles.                           
Optical testing  - World-class handheld spectrophotometers and integrating spheres from GL Optic (Germany)  
3D Printers      3D printing has become affordable for all to quickly make and evaluate concept parts. 3D printing is now commonly employed in the earliest stages of innovation. Art pieces or concept samples can be looked at and touched for instant suggestions, modifications or corrections - with another iteration produced within the hour.   We have 3D printers from popular leading name MakerBot, as well as the award-winning, easy-use Afinia brand.
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