Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Frequency Response Analysis Improvements

  Cleverscope recently improved the Frequency Response Analysis (FRA) package, again! There are four new videos on their website that show how you can improve FRA performance and accuracy. You can now:
    1. calibrate your probes, which means that the standard 1x probe provides flat response to 10 MHz, and BNC test cables to 65 MHz.
    2. calibrate high frequency test fixtures to remove the effects of parasitic capacitance and inductance.
    3. have persistence and reference curves,
    4. use the tracer and markers on any of the persistence plots being displayed in the Spectrum Display.
    5. cycle round up to 50 reference plots simply by clicking the Persistence index control.

Their video 'FRA family of curves' shows capture of three gain/phase plots for a power supply under three different load currents, and then examining each capture in turn. Check it out!


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