Tuesday, August 4, 2009

MSR's New Shock and Vibration Logger

It was good to have a visitor here at our offices from Switzerland yesterday:
Wendolin Egli, the CEO of MSR, the Swiss company who make unique thumb-drive-sized dataloggers for multiple parameters. Their robust MSR165 datalogger can take up to 1000 acceleration (shock/vibration) measurements per second in all three axes at up to +/- 15g. This logger, internally coated with a proprietary silicone compound, is completely waterproof, and has extremely low power requirements. Its rechargeable 900mAh lithium-polymer battery allows the unit to record shock measurements for up to six months. In addition, temperature, humidity, pressure, light and four analog input voltages can be recorded - over two million measurement parameters - which is sufficient for over 10,000 shocks. Its small size (39 x 23 x 72mm, approx. 69g), the five different measurement variables and its long-term measurement capability make the MSR165 highly suitable for a wide range of applications:
Agricultural/medical technology: animal monitoring, monitoring of breathing, walking, standing, lying and sleeping behavior, prediagnostics and telediagnostics
Aviation: Pilot monitoring, aircraft and flight attitude monitoring
Building services engineering: Building monitoring, heating and climate monitoring
Chemical industry: Transport and storage of chemicals
Laboratory technology: Lab measurements; transport and storage of pharmaceutical and medical products; material, component and storage monitoring
Mechanical engineering: Monitoring of process flows
Museums, churches, galleries: Climate monitoring, preventative conservation, autonomous measurements for touring exhibitions
Performance sport: Telemonitoring, human and material testing
Pharmaceuticals industry: Long term measurements, drug testing, transport and storage of chemicals and drugs
Research & development: Monitoring of prototypes, quality measurements
Textiles industry: Quality measurements
Environment: Air, soil and climate measurements
Green Technology: windmill vibration measurements, solarcell illumination/temperature.

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