Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tough Competition?

Readers of this blog know that I like Jeffrey Gitomer's sales and marketing advice. “Competition is healthy!” In his latest issue he offers the following:

The sales weapons to deploy in your competitive war are:

• Value offered in terms of the customer.
• Proven differentiation between you and others.
• A quality standard that includes the word BEST.
• Memorable service.
• Technology. Be the highest.
• Web presence. Be the best.
• Timely/rapid response. Be the fastest.
• Friendly people. Be the friendliest.
• Availability. 24.7.365 is the minimum acceptable standard.
• Knowledgeable people. The most knowledgeable.
• Helpful people. The most helpful.
• Reputation in the marketplace or community. The best reputation. A long track record of success.
• Existing customers who speak on your behalf. NOTE: They’re the ones that create your reputation.
• Oh yeah, sometimes price.

SECRET WEAPON: Testimonials. Let your customers talk about their experiences with competitive products and services. Find customers that used the competition and switched to you. Find a customer who left you, went to the competition, and CAME BACK. Customers can say anything they want about the competition – you cannot. When you talk about the competition, it’s selling. When customers talk, it’s proof. REALITY: Testimonials will beat the competition when you can’t.

I’m interested to know if you think we achieve the items on this list, or if you have a testimonial about anything we sell – we’d be pleased to feature it on our new website. You can now add customer comments on each item! Please do!

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