Monday, July 31, 2017

Technical Support Engineer .... ?

Our Technical Support Manager has decided it's time to retire after 12 years at Saelig.  He's been a valuable player here with a broad experience of electronics, car repair, and mechanics.  Nice to hear him say that this is the best job he's ever had!

So it's time to place a job ad on the usual places:

"A self-motivated EE with wide-ranging electronics and computer skills is needed to support the range of test & measurement products sold by Saelig, especially oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, RF shielding, EMC pre-compliance products, torque sensors, and ABI PCB repair equipment.  Demonstration of the products we sell, and presentations to fellow employees may be required.  Strong interpersonal, writing, and sales skills, and a good visual presence for video recordings and web-based training is needed.  A diligent, trustworthy, self-motivated individual with wide-ranging technical skills is needed to act as first-line support for technical inquiries for the wide range of electronics products we market. Experience with laboratory electronics and automotive servicing is required, since the products we market include oscilloscopes (including automotive scopes), spectrum analyzers, USB, I2C, RS232/422/485, CANbus, crystals and oscillators, short-range radio modules, controllers, etc. Computer literacy, with experience with Microsoft Word, Excel, QuickBooks and email is helpful for this job.  The TSE will have a gracious telephone manner and trustworthy personality. The TSE position is also vital in assessing new vendor product opportunities, and verifying outgoing product fulfillment accuracy.

This position requires high ethical standards and minimal supervision, as well as excellent skills for identifying and/or creating profit opportunities. The successful applicant will be adaptive and inventive, committed to excellence in following system methods, and skilled in engaging and encouraging product sales.  A EE degree is preferred but other training and work experience may be considered.

Apply by email at"

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