Friday, April 28, 2017

Happy Birthday SAELIG! 29 years old!

On April 28th 1988, I registered the name "The Saelig Company" as a DBA to start a small part-time business while I was still employed as an electronics design engineer at a large multinational company in Rochester NY. ('saelig' means 'happy, prosperous, and blessed' and is a word still used in German to signify divine blessing.) 

I had seen the intermittent layoffs and decided the only way to progress was to start my own thing.  This was in the days before the internet of course:  technical product information was distributed by means of free magazines and 'bingo cards'.  I saw many overseas companies offering their wares but with overseas addresses for inquiry.  I contacted more than 100 of them to see if they needed an engineer in America who could handle technical inquiries and sales for them.  One company did - Triangle Digital Services of London, who made a unique Forth-based controller board. So I employed the services of an answering service for phone calls, and MailBoxes Etc. for their fax number for purchase orders as they came in.  More companies then started to use us, based on that initial success.

In 1998 the multinational company offered a buyout , which I took in order to run things full-time.
We soon outgrew a small bedroom and moved house in 2001 to use its large basement.  We soon outgrew that too and moved the business to an office park in Bushnells Basin in Rochester NY.  After enlarging those offices several times, and growing in staff numbers, we moved to our present location in Fairport in 2012 so we could double the size of our warehouse and offices.

Thank you to all our many customers - who range from individuals to The White House, from universities to the military and Fortune 500 companies - for your continued trust in us as your technical suppliers!

Saelig specializes in creating markets for unique measurement and control products, coupled with high quality technical support.  We ship to customers throughout North America and the world
As a technical office for overseas and domestic companies, we are eager to promote new and unique products to our large customer base. Our engineers and marketing & sales staff assist with USA inquiries and sales, providing quotation, credit-checking, importing, and shipping assistance – in effect, creating an instant USA office. 

Saelig is a new breed of distributor, with a growing reputation for finding and sourcing unique products;  we are a full-service establishment, offering marketing promotion, technical advice, sales fulfillment, and comprehensive after-sales support.   We talk with our customers, responding promptly to every request, complaint or compliment.   We offer free tech support via phone and email.  Our customers know they can reach us and get help.  We have grown a sophisticated online presence that encompasses effective on-line sales shop, Google Adwords and FaceBook advertising, contact with editors and product reviewers, using regular newsletters to target a wide range of end-users, including: automation, agriculture, automotive, aerospace & defense, medical & pharmaceutical manufacturing, etc. Products lines are offered at highly competitive prices, accompanied by full in-house technical support, exceptional customer service, and fast delivery. 

Our Key Market Segments consist of:  (i) Electronics Manufacturers (e.g. Intel, Microsoft, Texas Instruments, ON Semiconductor, Sony, Honeywell, GM, Ford, Boeing, Northrup-Grumman, Lockheed-Martin, Fortune500 companies, etc. (ii) Defense Contractors. 24 of the 30 biggest defense contractors are our customers.  (iii) DOD and Government.  The Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, NASA, NSA, DHS, FBI, CIA, The White House and many other State and Federal agencies are our customers. Our GSA Schedule GS-07F-281AA makes these sales easier.  (iv) Education (MIT, Harvard, Yale, Cornell, NYU, Columbia, Notre Dame, USC, UCLA, Stanford, and many other colleges, as well as educational supply houses)  (v) Individual End-users   - often from recommendation by friends and colleagues.

Typical Marketing Efforts:

1)      We issue press releases (at no charge to our suppliers) to over 300 editors, magazines, and blogs who readily receive our submissions since they know that we bring interesting products to their readers. 

2)      We use Facebook, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and other social media channels to link, cross-promote, integrate, advertise, and most of all to connect with existing and potential customers. We create technical videos in our own full-equipped studio (at no cost to our suppliers).

3)      We use Adwords, adCenter and other PPC channels, and track our traffic and revenue results with Google Analytics.

4)      We personally contact editors and product reviewers with samples provided by the manufacturer (if appropriate).

5)      We use our monthly email newsletter to target a wide range of end-users, including: automation, automotive, aerospace & defense, computers, controls, embedded systems, medical & pharmaceutical manufacturing, motion control, R&D, wireless, consumers, etc.  Our huge customer list includes many government, military, education, and Fortune 500 clients.

6)      More than 800 online sources link to our website – many of them from press releases and articles we have written.  (Google “Saelig” and see the many links to our web pages and social media channels on the first few pages of results.)

We have extensive experience in importing and exporting goods and can facilitate shipping, duties, customer credit checking, etc. and, in general, act as an instant sales office for our clients.

Here's to another 29 years!

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