Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Identify Machine Problems Before They Happen

Effective non-contact torque monitoring can help production quality as well as identify machine problems before they happen.

The importance of torque measurement in manufacturing environments is a new concept to some, but an everyday essential to others. Realizing the enormous cost benefits of measuring torque in rotating systems is sometimes not recognized by those tasked with improving profitability. The challenge is to be able to monitor and measure torque as accurately, unobtrusively, and economically as possible. For continuous-manufacturing processes where machines are driven by rotating shafts, machinery failure and subsequent downtime must be avoided in order to maintain profitability as well as consistency of output. The effective use of precision non-contact torque monitoring instrumentation can preemptively identify problems that might affect machinery reliability—extremely important for situations where a single machine failure can lead to costly production losses.

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