Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Marvelous Pico Reviews For Their PC-based Oscilloscopes

Love the 2204A and how Pico Scope listen their customers, even when they have bought the entry level product.
I chose 2204A to put together a ultra mobile scope consisting of 8” Dell venue Pro Windows Tablet and scope to provide wireless analysis tool with a 4-5 hour running time and fitting into to your jacket pocket. Excellent for my electronics, amplifier repair and automotive analysis uses.
Hardware is robust and solid piece of engineering and “battle ready quality”. Software is best you can get, offering many advanced features at entry level cost.
Pico Scope listen their customers. For me it is magnificent that Pico Scope 6 Beta software is now optimized for touch screen as I’m using a tablet. Great work Pico!
Highly recommended product and great value, two probes and scope for 180€ is an ultimate offering what quality of hardware and software is excellent!
Pic of my ultra-mobile scope and greetings from Finland:
Chiel Voswijk
PicoScope 2204A
I needed a scope as a Student/Hobbyist looking to get serious with my personal projects, but had a limited budget. A Benchtop would have been a bit cumbersome and expensive so i went for a PicoScope 2204a
The scope itself is exactly what is advertised, it does what it needs to do within the specifications. Can’t ask for more. The included AWG is great little extra.
The software is the real star tough. I've never expected such a amount of features for a entry-model scope. Advanced triggers, Spectrum analysis, persistence mode, Able to add custom math channels and a arsenal of measurements make the scope outshine most entry level benchtops. you can view much more information on your computer much faster then you ever could with the small display on a benchtop.
In overall the PicoScope is simply great. Every bit from the scope to the software and the support shows care and passion. Considering how satisfied I am when the time comes to get a faster scope I would probably go for a PicoScope again!
Raul Trifan
PicoScope 2204A
Not many USB scopes works on Win & Mac & Linux too, so that proves me that guys from Pico really cares about us, customers. This made my decision much easier when I was looking to buy an USB scope.
For its price, the 2204A scope does the job pretty well, has a low noise input stage (I measured around 200uV RMS with included probes) and the software is quite great too.
Pros: small and portable, decent probes, low noise input stage, great software that works on most operating systems.
Cons: no USB isolator, internal memory could be bigger.
Md. Kamrul Hussain
PicoScope 2204A
it’s a handy tool for those who need a “scope” anywhere anytime. Its small enough to fit in your pocket but strong enough to provide a bench-top performance and smart enough to give you flexible operations. In a single word, it is just a ‘perfect’ entry level PC based Oscilloscope.
Niels Larsen
PicoScope 2204A
It is a great scope. I had a weird problem - it did not work on one of my PC’s. Customer service gave me first class service. We isolated the problem to “me not using the supplied USB Cable”. It turns out, that a USB Cable is not just a USB cable.
So when the manual tell you to use the one delivered - that is the smart thing to do.
If I could give 6 stars for customer service - I would do so.
D Smith
PicoScope 2205 MSO
Very good device.
I bought the Picoscope 2205 MSO kit to analyze signals clocked at 24MHz and it does this well on its 16 channels. The software is reasonably intuitive and makes good use of the PC to offer useful measurements, calculations and note-keeping facilities. The combination of oscilloscope, logic analyzer and waveform generator in a light, portable device has been invaluable for my work.
The kit was worth the additional cost over the basic device.
Per Hojfeldt
PicoScope 2205 MSO
The best scope for the price.
This is the best scope I ever bought. Works perfect to it’s spec. And the + with 16 digital channels and a function generator. Can’t beat it for the buck. Can highly recommend it.
Darren Kuypers
PicoScope 2205 MSO
Excellent functionality for low cost.
I am very impressed with the functionality of the 2205 MSO (Mixed signal) scope. The only issue so far is that the wave form generator (AWG) cannot generate 5 volts.
Jon Simpson
PicoScope 2205 MSO
Great Value Scope.
Bought this scope purely for the Serial Decoding feature - which incidentally works very well. However, have used the scope for all general purpose activities along with the logic analyzer. Wouldn’t be without this device, has made my other scopes redundant!
PicoScope 2204A
The addition of an AWG is very useful and now I don’t have to use a separate signal generator unless I want an isolated signal (I assume the ground is common across channels A/B & AWG).
The software is fairly universal across all ranges which makes even the ‘lowest’ scope in their range a very powerful tool. 
Being able to use the data-logger with this is also a bonus - I can log slow data without needing a different device (for example, testing a battery charge / discharge cycle).
My only irk is that many ‘buttons’ do not appear to have equivalent drop-down menu items. Most software I’ve used has every setting or configurable item under a menu option somewhere, even if they are inactive. This is especially important for options that are rarely used - it allows me to ‘search’ for what I need by working through the drop down menus. It also means I can just use the keyboard, which can be easier and quicker than the mouse. If you’re in a tight spot balancing a laptop on one knee while trying to hold a probe on a wire, moving a mouse just gets impractical. For example, probe settings are only under the probe icon - there is no menu item for this. Likewise for the AWG: have to use the icon. 
But, all-in-all a brilliant piece of kit and highly recommended for all workshops.

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