Friday, January 29, 2016

Measuring ultra-low currents?

2nA - 20mA with1fA / 6 ½ digit resolution? Yes we have that!

The AMETRIX Model 10x SeriesPicoammeters, with several models that include a built-in voltage bias source. These instruments are USB-connected, very-low-current measurement devices, designed for DC currents from 20pA to 1mA. They are ideal for measuring very low electrical currents in optoelectronics, ion and electron beam monitoring, materials resistance testing, and more. The Model 10x Series are cost-effective picoammeters that combine fast and accurate measurements with ranges, resolution, and accuracy that exceed those in more expensive instruments; providing quiet, stable measurements and fast response times.  The Model 100 is for applications that do not need a bias source; the Model 101 includes a 0 to ±10V low-voltage bias supply.  

The AMETRIX Picoameters are ideal for applications such as: electron and ion beam current measurements, electron current stability testing, ion current stability testing, mass spectrometer current measurements, photodiode current, dark current measurements (up to 127 devices simultaneously), beam and particle monitoring, data-logging current comparisons, conductivity measurements, optical fiber alignment, component, sensor, and device i-v characterization, leakage current testing, vacuum diode testing, analog and mixed-signal circuit testing and analysis, teaching labs, and more.

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