Thursday, October 15, 2015

Siglent Responds Quickly!

The engineers at the Siglent factory in Shenzhen respond rapidly to technical inquiries!

1) A large military contractor purchased a Siglent SHS800 scope. The top engineer/consultant loved the unit except for the slow Continuity Test function.  

RESPONSE >  Siglent had a fix that required both some new hardware and new firmware. They had this ready in 3 days (counting the weekend). They sent Siglent USA the new FW and the schematic on the HW modification.  The customer is pleased with the rapid response to the issue. It will need an upgrade at Siglent USA. If they are then satisfied he will purchase the SHS800 scopes for all of their field service people.

2)   Another very large customer posted a requirement on a website to make some pretty complicated sweeping waveforms that had a certain phase offset. The new new SDG2000X function generators will do about 90% of what he needed but some engineering help was needed for the remaining 10%.

RESPONSE> Once again, Siglent engineering people had a modification to add the remaining 10% of what he needed to do. This took them less than 1 week to develop. The customer will soon have the new FW. The customer is thrilled and he is talking about multiple units. His words, “We are going to standardize on the Siglent SDG2000X generators for our ARB generator requirements.”

So once again, Siglent is working hard to be the best!

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