Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Teledyne LeCroy Visits Saelig

Staff from Teledyne LeCroy came here last week to get Saelig technical staff up to speed with their state-of-the-art.  Their fastest scopes use Teledyne-proprietary Indium Phosphide technology for high-speed data acquisition, not used by other manufacturers, as well as dedicated A/Ds on each channel, touch-screen easy-use interfaces, more software tools than other manufacturers - and cool, distinctive black cases!

To share what we learned we made 5 videos - here are the first three videos we've made:

Introducing Teledyne LeCroy's amazing 12-bit HDO4000 oscilloscopes.

How to use HDO4000's Flashback & Notebook features on Teledyne LeCroy's 12-bit scopes  

How to find glitches & use statistics on Teledyne LeCroy's HDO4000 scopes from Saelig

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