Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Personal Handheld ECG Monitor to Be Introduced at Electronica Next Week

imPulse™ is a personal handheld ECG Touch Monitor that will be introduced at this year's Electronica Show in Munich, Germany, designed using unique EPIC touch sensors.  Created by the sensor’s manufacturer Plessey Semiconductors, imPulse™ is aimed at the home health market, and will allow the routine, quick and accurate recording of ECG signals outside of the medical environment - without the need for conductive gel or skin preparation.   This compact, portable device detects an ECG signal when the user's thumbs are placed on the two sensor pads, using two Plessey PS25201 sensors to receive the ECG signals.   It measures the left and right signals and transmits the data via a Bluetooth link to a Smartphone or Tablet where custom software can then display the ECG trace and perform a simple analysis of heart rate. imPulse uses the latest generation EPIC sensor, requiring only 1.5mA during the short 15 second period needed for ECG sensing. imPulse can operate for several months before requiring recharging.

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