Friday, June 24, 2011


I love it when customers send us nice comments like this received today:

"I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate the service I have received from Saelig. I am a student who was looking for an affordable scope to use for my hobby, work, and school projects. I appreciate the friendly sales staff who was very helpful, and even called to tell me that the bag I ordered would not fit the scope I had purchased and offered advice on some additional bags that might. Needless to say I am very appreciative to have found such a nice company to order from. I appreciate the multi-tool that shipped, that was a nice surprise as well. Also my scope came in handy at work just the other day. The Owon PDS8012T is just the right bandwidth for my applications, and has a nice variety of features and is unmatched for price. In fact, I am the intern holding down the lab during some testing procedures at work while our two engineers are off site working on projects, and just the other day, I connected the scope to my notebook and was able to screen share it over Skype to China. We could diagnose and see the results in real time for a testing board we are using for some QA procedures. Within 20 minutes we both found the problem on our testing board here in Colorado. Normally it would have taken an entire day to share pictures, and gather enough data to make a diagnosis going back and forth over e-mail. I was able to collect some initial measurements, send them to the engineers, they were able to look them over, and call on Skype and get an in-depth analysis using the Owon data collection tool in real time. The scope made it possible to get the board back online which would have otherwise had to wait. It was great and everyone was very happy to go to back to bed quickly. Thank you for excellent products and great support. I just had to pass along how helpful you all have been. "

Thanks, "Z"!!!

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